Project status and plans for October


We have successfully launched our first services – domains and web hosting, with more expected to be launched in October – virtual and dedicated servers. Along with this, work is underway on the construction of the data centre itself.

The most important event in September was the public launch of our first services:

We have also published the first information about our other upcoming services, which will be launched sometime in October/November (we are waiting for the hardware to be delivered and the wiring to be completed):

What happened in September

What’s next

Unfortunately, some things have been delayed. In particular, our decision-making regarding the choice of hardware supplier was prolonged, because the decision-making was really complicated. In the end, Fujitsu emerged victorious. And now we have to wait a few weeks for the delivery of the hardware we ordered. For our systems, hosting stuff and virtual servers, we chose the Blade solution(introducing Fujitsu technologies).

Similarly, the completion of the wiring is getting a bit complicated because the unnamed monopoly power company simply has a lot of time to do everything and has no need to meet any agreed deadlines. Hopefully, this will all be completed during October, when the temporary lower power generator and UPS will also be installed and the wiring within the data centre will be completed.

What we are working on next

  • Domain and DNS API (WAPI) – for customers with a larger number of domains, the possibility of connecting their information system directly to ours
  • bulk domain actions – simplified forms for domain registrations, renewals and changes for more experienced customers
  • preparation of virtual servers – VPS itself, their registration and control, automation of all processes, administration interface for us and customers
  • preparation of dedicated servers – registration, automation of their establishment, administration interface for us and our customers
  • we are intensively improving our customer interface according to your comments