We have 300 thousand active registered domains


So we looked at the statistics and found that we have 300,171 active domains registered. Another big milestone is behind us 🙂

We are growing in all services. However, this is most evident in domains that our customers register and transfer to us from competitors. The fact that we register and renew domains at purchase prices and do not charge any additional management fees is undoubtedly a big factor in this.

We don’t make money on domains

We have never treated domains as a business item, but as an essential part of web presentations. That’s what we went to market with and it’s an important part of building our brand. That we will never make domains more expensive is guaranteed by a public promise of the majority shareholder and the Chairman of the Board of WEDOS Internet, a.s. Josef Grill.

DNS record keeping, redirecting email correspondence and even a small web presence to Miniweb is free of charge.

What domains do you register with us

Most .cz domains are registered in our country. This is because we have been targeting the Czech market exclusively for 7 years. Only a few months ago we gradually started to try the Slovak market through the wedos.sk website. A few weeks ago also the Polish market with wedos.pl. However, we do not promote our services abroad to any significant extent yet.

Number of registered domains as of 23.10.2018 at WEDOS

As you can see .cz domains are clearly leading us 🙂 We add a chart without them.

Number of registered .cz domains at WEDOS as of 23.10.2018

Our customers also like using .eu domains. They tend to transfer .com domains to us from competitors.

As of the date of writing this article (23.10.2018), we have registered a total of 233,551.cz domains and are the second largest accredited registrar of our national domains. We plan to be the first next year 😉 Overall, 17.69% of Czech domains are registered with us.

Since the beginning, we have been growing the fastest of all accredited .cz domain registrars. A big part of this is certainly the price, but also our interface, which allows you to manage domains in bulk. If it does not suit you, you can make your own using our WAPI.

The .cz domain is the most popular domain in the Czech Republic and a lot of credit for this goes to CZ.NIC, which manages it. It has set a nice price of 125 CZK/year so that everyone can afford it. Together with CZ.NIC we organize various joint events to increase the security of .cz domains. For example, we jointly promote DNSSEC or contact verification (you can win a prize of up to 20,000 from us and a 16 GB flash drive from CZ.NIC).

Together with CZ.NIC we mainly promote DNSSEC. You will find both logos on most of our promotional items. Safe domains at WEDOS 🙂

In the past years we used to do car competitions with CZ.NIC, but unfortunately they don’t want to do it anymore. On the other hand, they have been supporting the Motor České Budějovice hockey team for the second year in a row. Motor plays only in the second league, but regularly has a full and almost sold-out stadium.

Canadian David Gillbert and his first goal in HC Motor jersey with WEDOS and CZ.NIC logo. Author of photo: Pavel Kacerovský

We have been an accredited .sk domain registrar for a little over a year. The first .sk domain we re-registered with us was wedos.sk. It happened on 15.9.2017. We registered our first customer domain three days later.

Currently we have 4.978.sk domains under management. This is approximately 1.3% of all .sk domains. In a little over a year, that’s not bad, right? 🙂

On average, it registers about 380 .sk domains per month. The exception was September, when SK.NIC launched a two-day promotion to celebrate the 25th birthday of the .sk domain. During those two days, it had .sk for 2.5 euros for the first year. We took this opportunity to offer .sk domains to our customers at this price. We registered several hundred .sk domains for you.

We were quite surprised that the competition did not survive this event. Admittedly, it was a bit of a rush job and we had to work out last minute details with SK.NIC, but when you have an automated system like we do, it’s no problem to get a similar event up and running in no time. It takes much more time to plan the promotion.

We want to focus more on the Slovak market next year. Their services are quite expensive, we believe there is no proper competition in Slovakia, which will bring the prices down “a little” 😉

We sell .eu domains for 110 CZK/year, so they are very convenient for projects where you have to look at the price. For the first year we usually have them on sale with a big discount. For .eu domains we can also register variants with accents (IDN).

EURid has very favourable conditions for those interested in accreditation. We did not hesitate to become an accredited .eu domain registrar as soon as possible. That is why we have 31,738 registered .eu domains. Recently EURid sent us statistics showing that we have a 17.65% share in the Czech Republic.

EURid organises regular events. For example, this year in April it was a .eu domain for 10 years for 275 CZK. Many of you took advantage of the promotion and got a new domain for a really long time 🙂

The .com domains are registered by customers from abroad. In total, 21,604.com domains are registered with us.

We register .com through ASCIO, so we are not an accredited registrar. We are still considering our own accreditation. In general, it would not be worthwhile for us, because it involves quite high costs and other worries. On the other hand, we could provide our customers with greater convenience when dealing with more complex issues where the intervention of an accredited registrar is required directly. We have already prepared an application for our own accreditation and as soon as we find the right moment, we will probably submit it.

About two years ago we noticed that the demand for our services was growing in Poland. Due to the interest, we decided to get accredited for the Polish national domain .pl. In total, we have registered 1.198. But it will take a while before we give at least a percentage for .pl 🙂 But we are going to attack there. We even want to set up a subsidiary in Poland in the winter. Other markets will follow.

A few interesting facts

Finally, we have prepared some statistics for you.

  • In the 8 years of WEDOS Internet, Inc.’s existence, we have registered a total of 517,062 years for you and extended 970,521 years.
  • A total of 183,577 domains have been re-registered with us since the competition.
  • We currently have 38,260 free Miniwebs set up for domains.
  • There are 387 active accented domains (IDNs).
  • We protect a total of 188,034 DNSSEC domains. This is the most in the Czech Republic.
  • We maintain DNS records for 272,051 domains. Also the most in the Czech Republic.
  • A total of 1,507,950 requests were made to our WAPI.