START! Domains and web hosting are out


Our first services have just been launched. CZ (160 CZK), EU (110 CZK), COM (150 CZK) and NET (135 CZK) domains with 100 MB free web. Web hosting (PHP+MySQL) with unlimited space and unlimited data transfers for 15 CZK per month. And this is just the beginning!

Today we are launching the first services of our datacenter. However, this is just a taster, with more substantial and revolutionary products coming in about a month.

Offer and ordering of services:


We start with a few endings, but the most important ones. More will be added gradually.

  • CZ – 160 CZK / year
  • EU – 110 CZK / year
  • COM – 160 CZK / year
  • NET – 135 CZK / year

For each domain registered with us, a free miniweb of 100 MB – space for static pages, free DNS management, redirection of the site and emails.

These prices are valid for anyone, with no minimum number of domains required and regardless of whether or not you have additional services with us. You can’t get it any cheaper.

Web hosting

For just 15 CZK per month (180 CZK per year) you get:

  • web hosting on Linux OS with PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.1 support
  • unlimited web space
  • truly unlimited and unmetered data transfers
  • unlimited number of e-mail boxes with professional WebMail interface, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, POP3S, IMAPS, SMTPS
  • unlimited number of MySQL databases
  • htaccess support, mod_rewrite

The price is valid for web hosts ordered until the end of November 2010. After that, the price will be 25 CZK per month.

Customer Centre

Interface offers:

  • online management of the services you have ordered
  • tracking invoicing, downloading accounting documents, on-line payments
  • management of the imprest account for bulk order payments
  • DNS management – creating and editing domains
  • miniweb administration – editing pages, uploading files
  • setting up web and email forwarding for the domain
  • changing domain data (for all extensions most changes are online without our intervention)
  • online tools for viewing and editing data in domain registries
  • setting up databases for web hosting
  • setting passwords for FTP and e-mail accounts

Server hosting

But this is not the main thing we want to do to beat the competition. In about a month we will also launch virtual servers a dedicated servers . Already now you can find on the website basic information – approximate configurations and prices. This will be a real revolution in server hosting. Quality branded FUJITSU powerful machines at extremely low prices (Fujitsu is the third largest hardware manufacturer in the world).

Commission system

Tomorrow (14.9.) we will also launch a commission system – we will give a commission of up to 50% for the orders of our services.More information about the commission system.