IMAGE: Installation of fire extinguishing system (SHZ)


This week we are installing the SHZ, i.e. a stable fire extinguishing system. It is a fully automatic system that in the event of a fire fills the entire space with special FM200 gas and extinguishes everything in no time.

The fire-fighting system in our building consists (will consist) of the following parts:

  • 2 control panels that control everything – process information from detectors, send signals to extinguish, etc.
  • fire extinguisher cartridges (“bombs”) – they contain FM200 extinguishing gas under high pressure, which extinguishes the area but does not damage any electronic equipment or is harmful to humans
  • pipes with nozzles that distribute the fillings into the space
  • detectors – ordinary detectors reacting to fire or smoke
  • suction detectors – better detectors that actively suck air from the whole area and can thus detect smoke significantly faster

The main advantage of aspirating detectors is that they do not have to “wait” for the smoke to reach them directly, because such a detector has a pipe stretched across the room with holes in it that draw in air, so that the smoke is detected earlier. This intake is located both under the floor and above the floor. And there’s a device at the end that detects nasty things in the intake air.

In the photos you can also see short “taps” from the intake manifold. These are intended to be sucked out of closed cold aisles in the future.

As soon as the control panel detects a problem from 2 independent detectors, the pre-alarm starts (a few minutes when the operator has time to intervene or another solution) and then the extinguishing process starts, when the contents of the bottles are released and within a few seconds they are discharged, filling the whole extinguished area and extinguishing everything.

We wrote more in the article How to extinguish a datacenter

Status as of 1.10.2010

The installation of the whole device is finished, only a few minor details are missing, the overall configuration and testing of the system, training and it is done.