Share orders launched


Public offer for subscription launched. If you are interested, hurry up. The stock is just going to get dusty.

Today (2.8.2012 19:00) the public offer for subscription of WEDOS Internet, a.s. shares was launched. From now on, it is possible to place orders for shares (or participate in the public subscription).

Shareholder registration and share orders are made by logging into your customer account in the WEDOS Customer Centre, shares tab.

Tip: If you are interested in a larger quantity of shares, we recommend placing multiple smaller orders instead of one large order (you have a higher chance of having the number requested satisfied). Orders are in fact executed in full or not at all (not partially) according to the available shares.

If you have any questions, problems or requests related to the shares, please use this contact form. Do not contact our hosting customer support via chat, they do not deal with shares and do not have access to shareholder data and orders.

Shareholder registration

Before ordering shares, you must first register as a shareholder. If you have not already done so, follow these instructions.

  1. Get to know the document Terms and conditions of registration and order for public subscription of shares
  2. Log in to the WEDOS Customer Centre, or log in to. create a customer account first
  3. In the shares section you will find basic information about the subscription process, a form for shareholder registration and a list of shareholders with the possibility of editing the data.
  4. Fill in the shareholder registration form

Multiple shareholders can be listed under one customer account. You can order part of the shares e.g. to the company, part privately, etc.

The identifier of the shareholder is its ID number (legal entity) or RČ (natural person). A shareholder may be registered only once. Once a shareholder is created, their “identity” (company name, first name, last name, ID number) can no longer be changed, only their contact information can be edited. The information provided must be true and complete; providing false information will forfeit the right to receive shares.

Ordering shares

If you are already a registered shareholder:

  1. In the customer centre, open the detail of a specific shareholder
  2. In the Share Order form, click on the order button ...
  3. Select the desired number of shares to see the resulting price
  4. Tick the agree to terms and conditions and submit your order using the complete order button.
  5. Within minutes, you will receive a payment request via email to pay for the shares you have ordered.

Important notices (read!):

  • Shares can only be paid by bank transfer to our special account 2000276882/2010 and only in CZK. We must receive the exact amount with the exact variable symbol. You cannot pay online, from an imprest account, from a commission account or in any other way or in any other currency.
  • If at the time of booking the required number is available and not reserved, the shares are reserved for you for a period of 5 days.
  • The order has a maturity of 5 days. If it is not paid by then, it is cancelled.
  • If payment arrives and you have not reserved the shares (there were no unreserved shares available at the time of ordering), you will be placed in the order queue awaiting the eventual release of unpaid reservations. If the reservation is not released or the required number of shares is not available (the order cannot be satisfied in any way), the order will be cancelled and the money refunded.

For details of the whole process, read the document Terms and conditions of registration and order for public subscription of shares .