Second route in operation


Today, the second data line (1 Gbps) connecting our data centre to the Internet is finally operational, and at the same time, another connectivity provider has been added – Kaora

After a long wait for the completion of complicated administrative tasks at Telefónica O2, the second route between our datacenter and the SITEL telehouse in Prague is finally fully operational. This route has a capacity of 1 Gbps and terminates at another (third) connectivity provider that further connects us to the Internet. It is the company Kaora s.r.o.

The current situation is therefore as follows:

  • 1. line – capacity 100 Mbps, connection with SuperNetwork and Master Internet providers
  • 2nd line – capacity 1 Gbps, connection with Kaora provider

Each line is served by a separate router. Thanks to the set routing mechanisms, in the event of a connection failure with any provider or any line, all traffic is fully automatically redirected via the other line and/or another provider within about 10 seconds.

At the same time, this allows us to perform maintenance on any link or any router if necessary – we redirect all traffic to another path for the appropriate time.

You can monitor the utilization of individual lines and the data flow between us and individual providers: Traffic graphs of our network

What’s next?

We definitely plan to increase the 100 Mbps line to 1 Gbps soon so it can do full backup. And given the delivery times, we will probably order a 10 Gbps solution in advance.