Introduction of dedicated servers


We bring you more information about the dedicated servers that we will launch in a week – a more detailed description of the service, parameters, ordering, prices, pre-installed operating systems and more.

As we have already informed you, we will start ordering and setting up dedicated servers on Monday 20.12., i.e. in a week.

In the beginning we will offer only a few specific variants in limited numbers. Only after the first orders do we find out what variants and services customers are interested in and order additional hardware based on that.

The configurations listed on the dedicated servers page are in the numbers listed in our server room and are ready to go. We will set up the service for the customer after payment.

Our vision for the future is that a configurator will be made available on the website, through which the customer can select the exact server he wants – type of processors and number, type of memory and number, type of disks and number, etc. You will be able to see which components we have in stock or how long the wait will be (because they will be on order or on their way to us). But that’s for another time.

Final configurations and prices are published on our page about Dedicated servers . The prices are for 1 month and are valid for one year in advance. In this case, we do not charge any set-up fees.

Alternatively, you can choose monthly billing, but in this case the hardware rental fee is increased by 10% and we charge a one-time setup fee (equal to 1 month’s hardware fee).

Hardware and software

Dedicated server means that we rent our hardware to the customer, place it in our server room, provide it with backup power and connect it to the Internet. We remain the owner of the server, the customer manages it remotely via the Internet and never comes into contact with it. The owner of the data stored on the server is, of course, the customer.

We then take care of the server, but only on the hardware side. We solve failures of disks, memories, processors, etc. The repair or replacement of the faulty hardware component is free of charge and is entirely within our control.

But beware – we don’t care about the software. Operating system installation, setup, security, backups, updates, etc. as well as all other software and services on the server, it is all fully in the customer’s control. The only thing we do for free in terms of software is the basic installation of one of the operating systems we offer (see below).

Operating system

The servers do not have any operating system by default, there are several options:

  1. You can install the operating system yourself. Through the web server management, you can view the KVM console (monitor, keyboard, mouse), connect your CD/DVD (remotely connect an ISO image of the CD/DVD that resides on your PC, or map a CD/DVD drive into which you insert the actual CD/DVD), and from there you boot and install – as if you were at the physical server directly.
  2. We will install any of the Linux distributions we offer (CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian, openSUSE, Ubuntu) for free. This is just a basic installation of the operating system without any additional software.
  3. We will install Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 in one of the editions we offer (Web, Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter) and rent you a license for the appropriate fee.

Similarly to VPS, we will offer CentOS 5.5 LAMP package (Apache, PHP, MySQL and Webmin administration interface), but it will be in time (we expect in January).

For Microsoft Windows Server 2008, you must pay a monthly rental fee for the license that entitles you to use the operating system. The alternative, of course, is that you have your own license and your own installation media – then you can install Windows Server yourself and you don’t have to pay us for any license.

Server Management

The entire hardware management is based on Fujitsu iRMC technology, which is a hardware management system that can be operated via a WWW interface – see. Article Server Management (BMC) .

This system is completely independent of the server operating system, so it works even if no OS is installed or the OS is not running. Through the web interface, you can:

  • turn on, turn off and restart the server (if your OS crashes, you can easily restart the server remotely at any time without needing us)
  • KVM – monitor, keyboard and mouse access
  • remote connection of CD/DVD, ISO image and USB disk

The CD/DVD is connected directly from your computer. There are 3 options:

  • you select your CD/DVD drive on your PC and it will behave as a drive on the server
  • select an ISO image file of a CD/DVD on your PC and connect it to the server
  • similarly, any of your USB devices (flash drive) on your computer can be remotely connected to the server

Trial period, refund

Dedicated servers will not have a 7-day trial period like other services. You can take a dedicated server on trial by ordering it for a month. And if he is satisfied, he can change his billing period to annual.

When ordering with annual billing, a refund within 180 days of set-up will apply in the event of proven repeated outages caused by the operator. This will not apply to services ordered with monthly billing.

Plans for the future

  • online setup of an empty server or some popular Linux variant within 15 minutes of payment
  • repair of broken hardware within 1 hour of reporting and finding the cause (additional service)
  • managed server – complete server management, including updates and configurations (additional service)
  • 1Gbps or 10Gbps port connection (additional service)
  • connection via a second network card (additional service)