Running: Free DNS for everyone


As a taster of our future hosting services, we have just launched our DNS system for everyone to try for free. The system offers many features and easy administration.

If you want to try our DNS, register in WEDOS Customer Center , DNS can be found under the services tab.

For up-to-date information about DNS and its parameters, see the Knowledge Base.

Description of WEDOS DNS

The system allows you to manage primary and secondary records for domains.

A primary domain is a domain for which DNS records are kept in our system. So our system basically acts as the primary DNS server for this domain. This is the usual solution.

A secondary domain is a domain for which we do not keep DNS records, but download them from another DNS server via AXFR. The system therefore acts as a secondary DNS server for this domain. For this domain, you only need to set the IP address from where the records are to be downloaded. The download period is governed by the data in the SOA record of the respective domain (REFRESH, RETRY).

Supported DNS record types:

  • A
  • AAAA
  • NS
  • MX
  • TXT
  • SRV
  • SPF

The system also offers:

  • complete history of changes – changes in settings, adding, changing and deleting records
  • configurable enable/disable zone downloads via AXFR (outbound AXFR) with the option to specify specific IP addresses that can download a zone of a given domain
  • importing data when switching from other DNS servers – downloading via AXFR from another server, uploading a zone file or manual entry
  • copying domains – you can easily create a new domain by copying another domain (with all records and settings)

Coming up:

  • DNSSEC support
  • better IPv6 support (communication with our DNS servers via IPv6, AAAA records are already supported)
  • reverse log management (for customers of our server hosting services)

DNS servers

There are currently 2 DNS servers in operation:

  • (
  • (

WARNING! The WEDOS DNS system is currently running in test mode, with only one physical server being used for the time being. Only after deployment in live operation (end of 2010) will more physical servers be used in more autonomous systems.

Using the DNS system

The use of our DNS system is completely free of charge for anyone with no limit on the number of domains. Only domains 2 can be inserted. Order. The number of records per domain is limited to 20 (not including NS records of the domain and SOA records).

DNS system management is available in the WEDOS Customer Center (you must register first) under the Services tab, DNS link. Here you can add domains, change their settings, edit records and perform other actions.

Again, we remind you that this DNS system is still in test operation, so:

  • We do not guarantee the functionality of this DNS system, which is still under development and testing. Occasionally, there may be short outages (but we try to do everything without interruption).
  • Do not use our DNS system for your important domains, which must not experience any outages.
  • We are not liable for any problems or damages caused by a malfunction or error in this system.
  • You use WEDOS DNS at your own risk.

Domains that have not actually used our DNS servers for more than 60 days (i.e. our DNS servers are not set as authoritative) will be deleted.

Instructions for DNS

In our WEDOS knowledge base you can find a lot of information and tutorials on both the DNS itself and our system:

  • DNS theory – what it is, how it relates to the Internet and domains
  • DNS records – explanations of each type of record, their uses and examples
  • DNS protocol – more detailed information for advanced users
  • WEDOS DNS manual – complete instructions for using our DNS

If you are unsure about something, encounter a problem or have an idea for an improvement, please use the contact form and write to us.