Introducing the knowledge base


The WEDOS knowledge base is a website for our customers and users of our services. It will include help on our products and services, detailed tutorials, troubleshooting, and expert articles on various technologies related to our services. You can already find several tutorials and many articles about DNS here.

The emerging knowledge base can be found here:

One of our main goals is to offer quality customer support. The basis will be this knowledge base which will be a great friend to all our customers, as it will contain detailed instructions and explanations for all our services, troubleshooting, answers to frequently asked questions, etc. The aim is that the customer can easily deal with any problem or situation by studying the relevant article in this knowledge base.

In addition to information on our products, we plan to publish many tutorials on other technologies related to hosting – e.g. tutorials, tips and tricks on programming languages (PHP, ASP.NET), database systems, Internet protocols, etc.

Already detailed information is available in this knowledge base. guide to DNS – an introduction to domain names on the Internet and DNS, the DNS protocol and explanations of the basic types of DNS records (their meaning and use).

A discussion forum is available for each post, where we welcome further questions or comments from anyone. We will continuously add to and improve the knowledge base.