Register a .EU domain for only 20 Kč


Starting today, there is a special offer for registering new .EU domains – registration for 1 year for only 20 CZK without VAT (24 CZK with VAT). The promotion is valid until further notice.

The promotion applies to the 1st year of a newly registered domain. Each additional year is charged at the standard rate of 100 CZK. A new registration for 2 years costs 120 CZK, for 3 years 220 CZK, etc. (prices are without VAT).

Detailed price list of domains

The offer is valid for all interested parties, no other services are required. However, if you order web hosting for your new .EU domain, you will get it for free.

The promotion does not apply to renewals and re-registrations. The promotion is valid until further notice.