Project status and plan for August


The construction of the data centre is in full swing, with rough construction finishing. We have many other things coming up in August – double flooring, electrical work, installing SHZ, UPS and air conditioning and more.

What was successful in July

  • demolition works – the former air-raid shelter with many small rooms became one large hall and several smaller ones
  • concrete cutting – several penetrations were created or widened, some doors were raised
  • masonry work – walling of walls, bricking of some penetrations
  • repairing the insulation of the building, we won’t have rain inside in some places anymore

Decisions were also made regarding UPS and air conditioning.

Plan for August

  • the decision on the choice of the supplier of the SHZ and the generator
  • testing of borrowed hardware (we will try to bring some reviews)
  • purchase of the first hardware, its commissioning and test operation
  • commissioning of connectivity, routers and routing in our autonomous system, delegation of reverse records
  • UPS and air conditioning installation
  • work on the main electrical wiring
  • installation of the double floor (approx. from 9.8.)
  • we will become an accredited registrar of CZ and EU domains, select a supplier of generic domains, launch our domain system into test operation
  • publication of service offers and prices

Of course, we will keep you informed, we will keep bringing you photos, videos and you can still stalk us via webcam.