IMAGE: Hardware testing


Testing of hardware loaned to us by potential suppliers is underway. It is not about testing as much as it is about familiarization, exploring options, tool management, etc.

In the photo gallery next to this article you can see:

  • SuperMicro 2220Q-M4V server with Areca 1261-ML RAID controller, 1x Xeon 3440, 14 SATA drives, 4 GB RAM
  • Fujitsu Primergy RX200 S6 server, 2x SSD 30 GB
  • storage Fujitsu Eternus DX 60 iSCSI, dual controller, 4x SAS 300 GB
  • SGI Rackable server, 2 servers on one motherboard, Xeon L5520

For all servers we perform various stress tests in the most critical conditions – drop from a height of 100m, fire resistance, immersion in water to a depth of 50m, collision with a jerk, etc. We will only get a server that can withstand all this without failure 🙂

We have promised more servers to lend, and we will try to write a short article on each of them, in which we will introduce you to the results of our research and experiments.