PHP 7 test run on web hosting


Today we launched a trial run of PHP 7 for web hosting services.

We have prepared a new version of PHP 7 for webhosting, which we are now launching for testing. PHP 7 is available on all our web hosting servers, so it can be activated on any service.

If you are interested in trying PHP 7 with us, you can contact our support via chat or contact form and we will turn on the new PHP for you.

However, please note that this is a test run and therefore we do not recommend using PHP 7 for your important sites for the time being.

One of the major changes that can disrupt your website on PHP 7 is the absence of the obsolete mysql extension (i.e. mysql_connect() etc.), instead you need to connect to the database via mysql or PDO. Furthermore, the ionCube Loader extension is not yet available. More information about the changes can be found on the official PHP website:

In PHP 7, the connection to the database is newly solved via MySQL Native Drivers, which we will soon deploy in all other PHP versions we offer.

The biggest attraction of the new version of PHP is a significant increase in the speed of hosted websites.

More detailed information about PHP 7 and other upcoming new features will be available soon, after PHP 7 goes live.