NoLimit Web Hosting FAQ


You wanted “behind the scenes” information on NoLimit web hosting. Here you go 🙂

Last article we dedicated to the VPS 100% SSD service, where you could learn some behind the scenes information. This time we will discuss our most popular service, which is webhosting NoLimit, which is already active over 60.000 and in total this webhosting actively uses over 90.000 domains!!!

Your questions and our answers

FB: Do I really have unlimited space?

Of course, space is unlimited.

But seriously. As the data grows, certain limitations do occur that make it difficult to use the service. For example, one of our customers, whose NoLimit took up about 1 TB, needed to restore from backup. We were not able to prepare such a large amount of data in the required form on that day. In the case of a heavier technician workload, a similar request could take several days.

Simply put, we can write that as long as you have all your data in order (from a copyright perspective) and you have all the data intended for public use on the web, we are not restricting anyone. If you don’t have everything in order, it is advisable to use another service (for example, our VPS or dedicated servers), where you can manage your data better and you don’t have to worry about any restrictions.

FB: Will you ever increase the maximum database size to NoLimit?

We’re not planning on it at the moment. The NoLimit service meets the parameters of most customers in its current state, so we don’t want to change it. For more demanding customers who require a bit more but don’t dare to use our VPS, we are preparing a new service where they will be able to increase anything and set almost any parameters at will.

FB: How about once a month backup of the whole site + mysql and send to mail, download link.

Some extensions to content management systems can do this and we like it. The problem is with the size. Once you get to tens of megabytes, email becomes unsuitable for data transfer. This year we want to develop a WEDOS disk service where backups can be stored regularly. There is a 5 GB free version of NoLimit. We’ll see. For now, you have to rely on your own scripts to take care of it. We are also considering a possible change to the current backup system. We’ll see.

FB: What about allowing command line access to web hosting?

We plan to add this to the new service, see answer to the question above.

FB: When do you plan to support GIT?

We would like to do GIT for WEDOS Disk and for the new service we are planning. Not yet with the current web hosting..

FB: Do you plan (at least in the long term) to ever enable Node.js and/or Rudy on Rails?

So far little demand, but maybe it will be in the new upcoming service.

FB: Will the database ever be accessible from the outside, at least in some limited way? At least 100 MB.

We do not plan to do this with the existing NoLimit service. There will be more options with the new one, so maybe this will be there.

FB: To characterize a little better what you mean by unlimited space and especially the conditions – which are quite vague. Does it violate the terms if the site includes a feature that backs up the site and saves it to disk? Is it a violation of the terms if you send files to someone through the site that are intended for someone else (i.e., not publicly visible on the site)?

This would probably be a separate article, but backups do not belong on the web. That’s what other services are for (for example WEDOS Disk). Likewise, file exchanges are also not web hosting. Yes, we do tolerate some small volumes there, but if someone has tens of GBs there, we’re bound to find that it’s a violation of the terms. On the other hand, if a company has manuals for all its products that it presents on its website and there are 500 GB of them, it does not violate the terms and it is fine.

FB: Are you considering increasing the limit on the number of PHP threads at the same time for NO LIMIT?

The current variant allows to distribute the server load quite well. One site with 20 PHP threads would consume the performance of a hundred NoLimit. We don’t plan to do that with the current servers. The price for the increase would be significantly more expensive in such a case (it would be thousands of crowns per month).

Of course, we understand that some customers would like to have a NoLimit with a 100 GB database and 40 threads. Just the power of a whole new server from HP all to myself. We will see with the new service, but such a service will have a corresponding price and we are not talking about hundreds of crowns.

FB: Is there any chance that either the security will be increased (in any way) or maybe some reasonable backups will be available (I don’t mean the latest one from last week, but maybe the diffs from the last 2 years).

Regarding increased security, we have developed a concept of increased protection against DDoS attacks on VPS. We are now finalizing (and improving) DDoS protection. Current web hosts are protected quite well. The user himself can increase security, for example, by blocking FTP from the customer administration or by appropriately assigning rights to directories/files and database work. We’ll see about the backup. Thank you for your suggestion.

FB: I would also welcome (because of the current situation) if there was someone in Wedos who (for an extra fee) would fix my website. It’s faded (due to a typo) and it’s making a mess (spamming it).

We have a dedicated employee – CMS specialist who solves some problems and advises customers with content management systems. Sometimes it can help with an infected site, but it depends on the scope. But these problems are often for a very long time. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have enough people to run such a service as a paid service, i.e. guaranteed to take care of it.

FB: Can I get free web hosting for a year?

We rather prefer gifts like T-shirts and flash drives.

G+: Has/when will the migration of existing web hosts to SSD take place?

For web hosts, we are gradually doing it, but it is step by step. There are many services and servers.

G+: Why don’t you still support multiple domains natively, but only via aliases and then .htaccess rewrite rules?

On the one hand, it’s about performance (Apache records) and on the other hand, it’s a business consideration. The new service we are preparing may be what you are looking for.

G+: Are you planning to offer new versions of MySQL and PHP services?

Look in the administration and you will find practically the latest versions. It’s been there a few days. At the time the question was asked, we were just testing.

G+: Would it be possible for wedos, as a certificate authority (untrusted) to sign my site? I, quite understandably, use https for administration. The problem is that the certificate is always untrusted, and I can’t do anything about it, even if I install Wedos as a certificate authority. This makes it hard to verify if it is MitM or not.

We’re not thinking about that. We plan to sell certificates and the possibility of https operation at webhosting without own IP address.

TW: Why is it called ‘NoLimit’ when you have a whole range of limits? A bit like Unlimited mobile tariffs. operator.

NoLimit is the name of the service. Any limitations (database, email box size, etc.) are described in the service. Most of our customers do not encounter any restrictions and if they do, they are real extremes. But let’s go through certain “limits” that are often discussed.

Some examples from practice:

  • Maximum number of files in a directory – the record holder had over 2 million files in one directory. We spent three months trying to work it out with him. We try to educate our customers to keep the number of files in their directories in the thousands at most.
  • Maximum space size – no one has encountered physical limits yet. We have had customers with us for hundreds of GB for many years and as long as they meet the conditions, we don’t bother. That’s why we are especially popular with photographers who can upload high quality photos. Of course, once we get into the hundreds of gigabytes, we run into problems with backups, for example (see the very first question).
  • Maximum performance – the record holder had a website with 125-150 thousand requests a day, which the server was able to handle. He had studied our conditions very well and also optimized scripts. He has been a guest here for about 2 years so far.

With that, we have our answers. Thank you for the nice questions. Which topic shall we discuss next? Datacentre or perhaps the upcoming Datacentre 2, or virtualization, accounting, marketing, employees or a completely different topic?

What are we preparing for web hosting?

  • A completely new mailserver solution, more reliable, more powerful. Just better.
  • Synchronising contacts and calendars on the mailserver.
  • Backup modifications.
  • A true multihosting that will be very close to a managed VPS.
  • Possibility to set many parameters for PHP.
  • HA web hosting for demanding clients (web hosting with high availability).
  • Web hosting for demanding (extra high performance).

We would certainly like to know what you are missing in our new services, what you would like… Write to us. Thank you.

We are preparing a major innovation

We are currently working on the project of the second datacenter, which we would like to build as soon as possible. The most modern, most reliable, most secure, most economical and greenest datacenter in the Czech Republic.