New WEDOS mailserver – launch into live operation


Today we have launched our new mail system. In this article, we will provide you with the most important information and our plan for the future of email.

Since July, some of our customers have been testing a new mail system with us, which we prepared as a replacement for Icewarp mail servers for web hosting services. Everything is working as it should, we have tweaked what needed to be tweaked and now we are launching the new look of our emails for real.

As mentioned in the previous article ( ), our main focus during development was to make working with mail completely seamless and fast. We are well aware that this was not always the case with the previous mail system and we have done everything possible to ensure that similar problems do not recur with the new solution.

As of today, all newly established web hosting services have emails on the new solution.

In the coming months, all existing web hosting services will be completely migrated to the new mail system and the old Icewarp email servers will be closed down. At the moment we are performing migrations at the customer’s request from our side, in the coming days we will add the possibility to start moving emails from the customer administration with one click.

We recommend all customers to have their emails migrated as soon as possible, as in the second phase all services will be automatically migrated without any influence on the start time from your side.

During migration, the domain and mailboxes (including settings and content) will be transferred to the new mail system. From the user’s side, it will only be necessary to set passwords to new mailboxes and possibly transfer incoming mail filters.