New WEDOS mailserver


Today we bring big news and that is the launch of a trial run of a new mail system that will completely replace the existing Icewarp e-mail servers in the coming months.

For several months now, our development department has been working intensively on a new postal system. The current Icewarp email servers are not stable enough and because we want to offer you only the best quality services, we decided to make our own email server.

When building the new solution, we used proven open-source technologies, tried and tested in various installations around the world – Postfix, Dovecot, MariaDB. These have allowed us to build a system that fully meets all our ideas and needs and that offers our customers the best features – especially speed and stability.

The entire mail system is designed as a high-availability solution, where the possibility of any failure is minimized. Individual services (receiving, downloading, sending mail) are functionally independent of each other and most of the system is fully redundant – so even in the event of a complete failure of one of the servers, there will be no outage and all services will continue to function.

Test run (finished)

The trial operation has already been completed and the new postal system is fully operational:

We tested the new postal system thoroughly during July, and now we would like to ask for volunteers from among our customers to test it in real operation. As an incentive from us, every interested person will receive 1 year of NoLimit web hosting for free. This offer is limited, so if you are interested in helping us, please write as soon as possible.

Sharp launch

We plan to put the new mail system into operation in mid-August 2015, when e-mails will be set up for all newly ordered NoLimit web hosting services. We will also launch the ability to migrate existing services.

The migration will be performed in the first phase by the customer, who will initiate it himself in the administration and then the fully automatic transfer of all mailboxes (stored e-mails and settings) will take place. All services whose e-mails are not migrated in the first phase will be gradually migrated in the second phase, here without the possibility of influencing the launch date by the customer.

Keep an eye on our site for more information and news on this topic.