New WEDOS Disk service in test operation


Today, we launched our new WEDOS Disk service, a high-capacity disk storage designed especially for backups and for storing private or corporate data accessible via several standard protocols.

The new WEDOS Disk service is a high-capacity data storage for your backups, archives and other files, including synchronisation and sharing. You can store any data with us without limitations. This can be private or corporate data. It all depends on you and your needs. The advantage of this disk space is that it can be accessed from anywhere the Internet is available.

The service will gradually support more protocols and more options for accessing the data you store with us. We will gradually add more and more service options.

Update 12.6.2012: the WEDOS Disk service is now fully operational at

Common uses of WEDOS Disk

  • backup of personal or company data
  • backup of servers, virtual servers and web hosts
  • archiving documents, videos, photos and any other files
  • sharing a common disk space with family, friends, work colleagues, etc.

What’s available today

  • FTP and WebFTP access – access via FTP programs, including the WebFTP web application
  • rsync – access using the rsync tool for easy file synchronization
  • SMB/CIFS (connect as a network drive) – connect as an additional (network) drive even in your Windows (or Linux)

We do not offer any of our client programs to be installed on the PC for the WEDOS Disk service. Instead, we make the disk space available through several common file upload and sharing protocols, so you can use any program that supports any of these protocols or mount the space as a network drive.

What you can look forward to in the future

  • NFS support
  • WebDAV support
  • Subversion and Git repositories – file versioning
  • downloading files via the web – by linking to individual files
  • backing up data to another disk array in the same location
  • backing up data to another location – the safest possible way to back up
  • data encryption

Many more improvements are in the pipeline. We will launch them gradually.

Final version and official operation

We will publish the official terms and conditions of the new service later this week – in particular the prices and parameters of each variant. You have a lot to look forward to. If all tests are successful, we will launch the service into official operation during June 2012.

There will be paid options ranging from tens of GB to multiples of TB. In addition, all ourweb hosting, VPS and dedicated server customersget up to 10 GB free.

For detailed information about this service and technical specifications, read our knowledge base .

How to order a FREE test run?

We already offer free space for every web hosting, VPS and dedicated server, this space will be free in the future.

  • for web hosting 5 GB
  • to VPS or dedicated server 10 GB

More information and set-up procedure: WEDOS Disk – free hosting

If you are interested in a larger testing space, you can also contact us and we will arrange the testing conditions individually. However, you will have to switch to the commercial version after the end of the test run or the data will be deleted.

WARNING! The WEDOS Disk service is in trial operation. This means that any service parameters may change without notice and unannounced outages may occur. There is no guarantee of availability for this service during the trial period.

What took us so long?

We have been promising this service for quite a long time. The development of the service was demanding and took many long months. At the same time, we spent a long time choosing the right hardware. Surprisingly, FUJITSU won again. We could have either cheated and launched the service earlier, or we could have postponed its launch and done everything more thoroughly – we chose the second option. We are counting on WEDOS Disk as our main service in the future and we believe that we will be able to establish ourselves in other markets than the Czech Republic. We believe you will be satisfied.

Comparison with competing products

There are many other data storage services, e.g. Microsoft Skydrive, Google Drive, DropBox, etc. – These are services that offer an “intelligent” space for working, versioning, note-taking, sharing documents, synchronising data between multiple computers and connecting to social networks. You access their files via a WWW browser and then you can install one of their programs on your PC to perform the synchronization. Usually they have a few GB for free, but the additional space is significantly more expensive than ours will be.

We offer something different:

  1. We offer “bare” disk space – this is more oriented towards backups, not sharing and syncing between multiple PCs.
  2. We use standard file protocols (currently SMB, rsync and FTP and more to come). So you are not bound to any of our proprietary applications, you can use any program or tool that can use any of the protocols. You can easily automate backups with a script.
  3. We focus on larger data volumes. Paid versions will start at 30 GB and go up to multiples of TB (tens of TB are possible) – so we want a large company to be able to back up large amounts of data to us. And the other services mentioned don’t offer that. And the price per 1 GB will be significantly lower than other offers.