New terms and conditions from 1.6.2012


As of 1.6.2012 the updated terms and conditions of our services come into force

The new terms and conditions do not introduce anything new or substantial, but only clarify or add some contentious points and situations and consolidate some duplicated points in the terms and conditions.

The most important change in the terms and conditions is the specification of restrictions on sending emails from our servers (Terms and Conditions of WEDOS hosting services, chapter Sending email messages). These restrictions were introduced and listed on our website in the hosting service specification a year ago, but have now been added directly to the terms and conditions.

Furthermore, the terms and conditions for our upcoming disk space rental service, which will be introduced to the public in June 2012, have been added.

Finally, the Rackhosting section (placing your own server in our datacenter) was cancelled in the terms and conditions, and it was definitely decided that it will not be operated in the current WEDOS datacenter (we will write details of the decision separately).

New terms and conditions valid from 1.6.2012:

Original terms and conditions valid until 31.5.2012: