Launch of the rewards system on our community website and upcoming news


Our community website, where answers to questions about domains, hosting, server management, web development, programming and other topics are publicly available to everyone, is growing nicely. Since its launch, more than 15,000 users have been active on it.

Some of our customers still use it as an alternative to customer support via chat or contact form. If their queries contain personal or access data, we do not publish them. No one has access to them but us. It kind of skews the lovely stats of 10,500 questions answered 🙂

However, we try to keep everything public as much as possible. If possible, we anonymize and publish private questions after the problem is solved so that someone else can solve a similar problem.

You do not need to be logged in to read the answers. So absolutely anyone can draw from the large database of questions and answers. We have already been told that our competitors are also sending their customers to our community website for answers. We don’t mind 🙂

Colleagues or other community members then create guides from the most common questions. It may not always be a direct tutorial that solves a problem, but we also encounter questions such as How to enable anonymous mode in the browser or How to clear the browser cache, which are part of the problem diagnosis. The more experienced of you will smile at this, but often the owner of the website or the person in charge of the content is not very IT-savvy. He has an administrator for that and he doesn’t want to burden him with trivialities. First he’ll write to us to see if everything’s okay. We don’t mind. The more tutorials and information that can be found on our community website, the better.

The community as such

Although the whole project is growing, we are not yet able to build the community as such. We have some very capable members who help and write tutorials. But we would like to have a growing community that is close to each other and of course educated.

Here we think that some joint events that we will organize in Hluboká nad Vltavou are essential. We need to get to know each other and chat 🙂 We’ll add a tour of datacenters, technologies and lectures in our second datacenter. We’re ready for it.

As the community grows, more activities will be launched. For example, inquiries on the community site, which are not used much yet. There are a lot of tasks around our services that we cannot do for capacity reasons, even for money. However, I’m sure some of the community members would be happy to help for money. Many of them have a trade or even a company. We are not opposed to this in any way, on the contrary, we would be happy to do so.

A little bit related to this is the expansion of our services. Specifically, templates for WEDOS WebSite. We would like to have hundreds of them on offer, as ready for rapid deployment as possible. Most customers don’t want to play with WebSite too much. They prefer to use a template and just edit the text or insert their own images.

We can’t come up with hundreds of templates with our capacity, but we believe community members can. So we are currently putting together a concept for financial and other rewards for successful templates.

New rewards system

We have been planning to introduce a reward system for some time. For activity on the community forum (answering questions, making comments, creating tutorials, etc.), the user receives points that can then be exchanged for promotional items and services.

Activities Description of activity Number of points
User registration The user receives points for registering a user account 10
Question created The user receives points for the question asked 0
Answer to the question The user receives points for answering the question 2
Comment The user receives points for commenting on the question/answer 2
Best answer User’s answer was selected as the best 20
Approved instructions A user has created a community guide that has been approved by a WEDOS staff member 100

Provisional list of remuneration current and valid as of 15.06.2021.

Gift Price in points per gift
T-shirt with collar and logo – all sizes 550
Walking jacket with WEDOS logo – Limited edition 10pcs 1000
USB Flash Drive – Ladinek Safe or Ladinek Technician 8GB 400
Umbrella WEDOS + DNSSEC 450
Backpack WEDOS + DNSSEC 200
Juice pack 24pcs 500

Service Price in points per service
Discount coupon for a new domain of your choice (.ONLINE, .SITE, .EU, .WEBSITE, .STORE, .FUN, .TECH, .SPACE) in the amount of 100% 300
Discount coupon for the new Webosting NoLimit in the amount of 100% 800
Discount coupon for new Webosting NoLimit EXTRA in the amount of 100% 1600
Discount coupon for NoLimit Webosting extension in the amount of 100% 3000
100% discount coupon for the new WEDOS CD Office 1200
100% discount coupon for the new WebSite Premium 1000

You can find out more about the points system on the community website.

Now that we have the rewards system ready, we’ll let it run for a while to see how it works and how satisfied the members are with it. We have special events planned afterwards. For example, we would like to reward you with bonus points for high demand tutorials or unsolved questions. There is a great demand for tutorials focused on website optimization (e.g. how to achieve 100/100 in the PageSpeed Insights test or solve the most common problems) or the WEDOS CD service. The WEDOS Cloud itself opens up a virtually unlimited number of new tutorials. And we would like them all 🙂

What’s next for the community website

We are working on a new, clearer design that will be more, shall we say, community-based. We want to give you more space to build your own personal brand, to show who you are, what you understand and what you can help with. We’ll be able to guarantee some of these skills, so your work on the community site could be on your resume, and especially for students without experience, there’s nothing like having something in hand 😉

In addition, a smart search is being developed to simplify searching for existing answers and reduce the rate of repetitive questions.

And then of course there are the aforementioned joint events.


So you definitely have something to look forward to. The rewards system is just the beginning. The community website has greatly exceeded our expectations and has helped us in many ways we did not expect.