ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification


We have successfully completed the rather demanding ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) certification and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) certification at the same time. This is a guarantee to our customers that we meet the exacting requirements of these standards and adhere to certain rules when providing services and managing the company.

(Update 28 March 2013 – marked in text)

Certification according to ISO standards is a guarantee that our company complies with certain rules (both laws and internal standards and regulations). We do not change our procedures according to the mood and the weather, but we follow processes that guarantee a constant quality of service for our clients. This should increase customer confidence in our services and our company overall.

We are certified by the prestigious certification authority TÜV SÜD Czech. The whole ISO certification is not only about money (a matter of hundreds of thousands of crowns), but also about great effort and long preparations.

This is another big step on our way to becoming a quality service provider in the field of web hosting, domain registration, virtual servers, dedicated servers, server hosting and datacenter operation. We are the first certified company with this comprehensive range of IT services in the Czech Republic.

Our company WEDOS Internet, a.s. has successfully certified the quality of processes in our company according to ISO 9001 standards and at the same time we have certified the environmental management system according to ISO 14001 standards.

ISO 9001 (QMS – Quality Management System)

  • brings a stable and constant quality of service
  • the entire company and all processes in the company are based on compliance with legal standards
  • all processes and activities within the company have their order based on predefined rules
  • we have preventive measures in place to avoid defects and failures in the services we provide
  • it is a step towards increasing the credibility of our company in the eyes of our customers and partners

ISO 14001 (EMS – Environmental Management System)

  • demonstrates our positive relationship with the environment
  • the basis is the protection of the environment and the prevention of environmental damage in our society
  • all our actions are aimed at minimising the environmental impact of our activities
  • prevent any damage to the environment

(Update 3/28/2013)

ISO 27001 (ISMS – Information Security Management System)

  • demonstrates that we can systematically identify information security risks and mitigate them
  • We have plans in place to manage business continuity in the event of man-made or natural emergencies
  • we have better protection of confidential information and reduce the risk of hacker attacks
  • we can cope more quickly with the consequences of an attack and improve the ability of our systems to cope with the consequences of emergencies
  • we have developed a structured and globally accepted information security methodology
  • we comply with legal and contractual requirements

(End of update 3/28/2013)

How certification is done

The final step of certification was preceded by several months of preparation, and the last weeks were quite demanding. We’ll give you a little background.

In the autumn of last year we decided that we wanted to certify our company according to ISO standards. There are many ISO Norwegians. What was important to us? For our company, the environment, because we care about the environment, which is why, for example, we buy special energy-saving processors for our servers. The quality and stability of the services we provide is certainly important to our customers. So it was clear that we wanted ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

We chose from many consulting and certification companies and finally we decided for the consulting company Advis Consulting, s.r.o., to which belongs our special thanks for the quality cooperation, help in preparing for the certification itself. As a certification company we have chosen the well-known and prestigious certification company TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o.

We’ve started preparations. There were many different consultations, and we prepared many different documents on an ongoing basis (in the end it was more than a thousand sheets of different documents). Step by step we prepared and prepared everything that was needed.

What we had to submit:

  • our company’s goals and programs related to ISO standards
  • Environmental quality and protection policy (purely apolitical document)
  • detailed quality and environmental management policies, including guidelines
  • detailed description of all processes in our company, including identification of risks and problems
  • a detailed description of all possible sources of environmental pollution and preventive measures
  • supplier evaluation, supplier selection system, commitment to use only selected suppliers
  • staff requirements, staff selection system, training plans, evidence of training
  • the way we communicate internally, we have to follow precise forms
  • ways of assessing client satisfaction, evaluating and improving service quality, including commitments we must meet and uphold
  • a list of all legal norms affecting our activities
  • Detailed documentation on OHS (occupational health and safety), including all training and related materials, first aid training
  • all matters relating to fire protection (training, guidelines, escape routes, …)
  • medical fitness of our employees
  • identification of risks to employees
  • plans for inspections and checks of all equipment in the company
  • revision of electricity and all appliances in our company
  • revision of gas boiler room
  • Revision of fire extinguishers, hydrant and stable fire extinguishing system with FM200 gas
  • we must have an emergency kit due to oil and chemical spills, protective work equipment, pharmacies on site
  • the classification of all waste we produce, including its disposal and sorting, and the recording of the quantities produced
  • shredding plan
  • emergency plans, emergency preparedness
  • … and much more

The audit itself was only a formal check of all documents and requirements, which took several hours due to the thorough and demanding preparation. In the end we were praised for our exemplary documentation. Our final thanks go to the consulting firm Advis Consulting, s.r.o. for their excellent cooperation in preparing all the documents. Thanks to Advis Consulting, s.r.o., the certification itself was only a pleasant culmination of several months of preparation. Cooperation with Advis Consulting, s.r.o., represented by Ms. Ing. Pavla Marková, we can only recommend!

We believe that our customers will appreciate this step! We did ISO certification for our customers! Customers need to be sure that there are no surprises in store, and we want to demonstrate that we are serious about protecting the environment.