Introduction of WEDOS WebSite


In the article The Year of Safety and Progress at WEDOS we mentioned the most important projects for the first half of 2020. After reading this article, one of our small development team, who was in charge of a project we called WEDOS Builder, came to us and asked why their project wasn’t there, that they had it almost done and would be happy to bet us that they would do a beta test by the end of the month. They won 😲

Originally a WEDOS Builder project

The project, which we originally called WEDOS Builder, responds to the growing demand of our customers for a simple content management system where they could build a simple website themselves. We’ve conducted a number of surveys and reviewed hundreds of WordPress questions received by our customer support team. From this, we then created a list of things our editor will need to be able to do.

The original plan was to invent plugins for WordPress and build a completely custom solution on top of it. Gradually we recognized that this was the road to hell and that we would go “with the cannon on the sparrows”.


We changed our plans. The result is WEDOS WebSite. A drag and drop block editor that allows anyone with no knowledge of HTML or CSS to create a beautiful and modern web page in a short time.

From our alpha tests, conducted quite humanely on family members, we concluded that they spend up to 10 times more time writing text when creating a simple web page than creating the page itself. In other words, even people who had never seen HTML code were able to make their first custom website very quickly.

In a follow-up test, they then had to compare a website created in WEDOS WebSite with a website built on popular CMS with professional templates. They couldn’t tell the difference. The reason is the pre-made blocks that you use to assemble the page. Just put 3 – 5 blocks behind each other and the website is ready, just add the texts.

Well, judge for yourself…

For now we only have ready-made blocks, but in the future we will also prepare ready-made templates. For lawyers, notaries, hairdressers, restaurants, massage parlours… Just add texts and possibly your own photos.

First beta test

WEDOS WebSite is mainly a massive editor that we need to test properly. Although it’s still in development and we’re tweaking a few things, we’re mainly interested in how you find it to work with. We need to find out what to modify to make it easier to use and how to make it even simpler.

We got our first ideas for improvement from colleagues and family members. But we want another response.

That’s what the first beta test is for. You can create your own page on one of our domains.

Individual tests will be coordinated through our community website First, active Customer+ users who are actively helping other members of the community get access. We will gradually make the editor available to others.

If you want to participate in the first beta test, please wait until we have everything ready.

For more information, see 31. January on a special thread on Please post your reactions there as well.

Edit on 31. 1. 2020 v 10:30

Information about testing and the address of the test environment can be found on our .

Write us your opinions and comments there. Thank you.

Please do not use the same login credentials for testing as you have in our administration. Everything is intentionally separate and is for testing purposes only. Please note that all data will be deleted after testing is completed.

What’s next

We are not planning a solution for e-shops or a complex editor that can handle complicated websites, but a simple solution for web presentations. Web presentations that are easy to make and edit. Web presentations that are responsive, fast and modern. We’ll be tweaking a few things and working on speed. We are still in the testing phase.