Events for .SK domain and what WEDOS is planning in Slovakia


Today we have just started the .SK domain promotion, which we are organizing in cooperation with the Slovak registry SK-NIC. The latter decided to celebrate 400.000 domains with a special price on new .SK domain registrations for 4 days. Of course, we immediately jumped on board to offer you .SK domains at this great price 😉

New .SK domain for 4 EUR, but only until Thursday!

After SK-NIC lifted a number of restrictions in 2018, it ushered in a new era of .SK domains. Now any citizen of the European Union could register a .SK domain, and in addition  many bureaucratic processes were simplified, registration and administration was automated in many ways. The price was also reduced and SK-NIC gradually started to launch various marketing events in which we participate.

So it’s no wonder that the .SK domain has seen such an increase since then. It entered 2020 by breaking the 400,000 registered domains mark. SK-NIC decided to celebrate this with a short discount event.

Until Thursday (23.01.2020) you can register a new .SK domain for the price of 4 EUR (99 CZK). As the action is limited by SK-NIC, all domains must be paid for by Friday (24.02.2020) by 10:00 (payment must be with us).

For more information, please visit the special page for this event:

WEDOS in Slovakia

We have had customers from Slovakia since we started our services. After all, when we introduced our NoLimit in 2011, it literally shook the web hosting market. It had unprecedented parameters for that time and at a fraction of the price offered by the competition – if they were able to offer such parameters for shared web hosting at all. NoLimit has attracted the attention of Slovak webmasters as well.

The problem was that we were not the registrar of .SK domains, which was very difficult at that time. First of all, it was necessary to have a branch office here and most importantly it was difficult to register .SK domains. There was no API and many tasks had to be done manually. For example, a notarized signature was needed to transfer a domain between registrars. This did not fit our concept of complete automation at all.

Despite this, more than a thousand customers from Slovakia have taken a liking to our services.

Things got moving in 2017, when SK-NIC came under the management of CentralNic, which is a very experienced company. It operates 11 other national first-level domains and dozens of supranational domains. In total, they manage over 11.5 million second-level domains.

Among a number of big changes were a change in rules, simplification of all processes and a switch to the CentralNic system, which allows registrars to manage domains very easily. Naturally, we took advantage of this and became an accredited .SK domain registrar at the end of 2018.

The accreditation and the new Slovak website, which is still being fine-tuned, are bringing new customers from Slovakia to us. We currently have something like 3.3 thousand of them.

.SK domain and WEDOS

🤝In 2019, customers registered a total of 3,509 new .SK domains with us.
🇸🇰In total, 8172 .SK domains are registered with us.
2%In total, there are 400,774 .SK domains registered, so we have approximately 2%.
📄There are 4.554 websites running on our servers on .SK domains.
🗂️However, our DNS uses 9529 .SK domains.
📧Our customers have 4,961 e-mail boxes set up with us.
🛡️On average, our IPS/IDS protection blocks 7,160 attacks per day on websites on .SK domains.

What we plan for Slovakia

This year we plan to finally establish our Slovak branch – Slovak WEDOS. It will make accounting easier for both our Slovak customers and us (VIES, MOSS, exchange rate differences).

We also want to send more gifts to our customers in Slovakia. It is quite expensive to ship abroad via the Czech Post Office and it limits us considerably in promotions. This way we send a couple of hundred kilos of wrapped gifts to the Slovak branch in a “container” and just hand them over to the Slovak Post.

There are also plans to switch to a new newsletters solution. This will allow us to send Slovak newsletters to Slovakia. After all, the Czech language is not ideal for Slovaks, Poles, Germans, French and customers from more than 100 other countries.

We also want to focus more on individual country offers, including Slovakia. We are already running some test campaigns for Slovakia and Poland and we see quite a big difference. What the Czechs like and demand is different from the inhabitants of neighbouring countries.


In Slovakia, we still see a lot of room, especially for our new planned services. As mentioned above, it’s a bit of a specific market and the Slovaks are in some ways more demanding than the Czechs :). Which of course is fine with us, we love a challenge, plus it’s a great opportunity for affiliate partners who can offer our services in Slovakia with up to 50% commission 😉