Introducing the loyalty share programme


We have been thinking for a long time, we have been preparing for a long time… finally we have thought and prepared a combination of loyalty and promotional program for our loyal customers. Today we will make a brief introduction of the whole programme. We will provide details on each of these points in the individual articles that will follow in the next few days.

Become part of WEDOS

Be part of our success. You won’t regret it. Do you want to know why? Read on.

In a nutshell and “semi-opatically”

You keep demanding “discounts for regular customers”. So we decided to comply. We want to combine a loyalty (discount) program with a promotional program.

We will issue the shares and anyone can buy them from us. By doing so, you will put money into our company and we will have money for further investment and development, including expansion into other industries and areas. You become a shareholder. Consequently, these shareholders will have certain advantages over others (discounts on service extensions) and will receive a percentage of the profits (dividends) in the case of (expected) profits. Of course, as our (and thus your) company appreciates in value over time, so will the value of your investment.

We want to meet the needs of our existing clients who trust us. We don’t want big investors, we don’t want strategic partners, we don’t want financial investors, we want clients who believe in us and want to experience our success with us. We’re not talking about large sums of money. We are really talking about hundreds of crowns here.

We want to grow faster, we want to grow more dynamically, we want to grow in other areas. At the same time, we want to “oblige” our existing customers, to whom we will offer quality services cheaper. They won’t have a reason to leave and we’ll make them our best sellers.

We want to grow faster than this chart for the last 100 days (statistics of the Czech hosting market from March 23rd to July 3rd, 2012):

Hosting statistics for the last 101 days

Loyalty programme and its principles

Our prices are so low that it is not very easy to give any discounts to existing clients to extend their services. It’s economically problematic for us. We have discounts for “recruiting” and convincing new customers because we have to convince them of the quality of our service and “force” them to order. We wanted to accommodate our existing clients because we value them. In the end, a loyalty program was chosen as the best solution, which will be combined with a share program, resulting in each of our shareholders receiving a discount on their service renewal.

The share programme and its principles

We have decided to go the stock route because our success will be your success, or a success for our shareholders. Through this close connection (between us and our customers as shareholders), we will gain more than we would have gained through a loyalty program alone. Any good shareholder will support their company and become our (best and most active) salesperson. It will be clear to every shareholder that our economic success (profit) is also a success for them (dividend and growth in the value of the company and thus growth in the value of the shares).

We don’t promise mountains. Certainly not at the beginning. However, in the future, in the years to come, our results may be quite interesting. It is quite realistic that our profit will be in the order of 20% (or more) of turnover in the future.

Public offer for subscription of shares

We do not plan to enter the public stock market at this time. However, it is one of the options for the future, especially in connection with the current expansion of the Prague Stock Exchange with the Start programme, which is designed specifically for companies like us. Now we have decided to take a different path, but a path that is also allowed by Czech law. We will try a public offer for subscription of shares, where anyone who is interested can become a shareholder. “One day”, information will appear here on our website that those interested in purchasing a share of stock can register, order their share and then purchase it.
If there is interest in a public subscription, we will repeat it in the future.

Is this a sale of the company? What preceded it?

No, it’s not selling the company. We are not planning to sell the company. That’s what we said at the very beginning, when we started the company.

Already during the short period of our activity we have received several general (and sometimes specific) offers to sell the company or to sell part of our stake in the company. We refused. We have also received several offers to take over other companies we (our competitors). Twice we have received a proposal to merge companies (ours and a competitor’s). Most of them were from the Czech and Slovak environment. We’re not selling the company. However, it inspired us to think that there might be interest in a solution similar to the one we are now presenting.

What preceded it? Many months of preparation. Hundreds of papers, going to the authorities, etc. The result is finally an increase in the share capital from the original 2 million to 20 million, changes in the existing shareholder structure of the company and also changes in the company, which we will present later.

Why are we doing this?

You may say that the founder of the company is not interested in financing the development of the company from his own funds. Yes. That’s a small piece of the truth, but more importantly, it’s a combination loyalty program to retain existing customers. Provided, of course, that the quality of service is maintained and that they are offered the opportunity to participate (and earn together with us) in the future development of the company. If we do well, so will your investment and ours.

We want to get satisfied customers who care about our success and will become our best salespeople as a result. They will praise and recommend us because it will be in their own (economic) interest.

Principles of operation of the WEDOS Internet joint stock company

We have clearly defined rules, clearly defined processes in the company. We also want to have clear and firm rules and conditions for the company’s operation vis-à-vis potential shareholders.

We have already set the terms of remuneration for company representatives, employees, etc., which we will gradually introduce.

What’s next for our programme?

Let’s see how this first step turns out. If there is interest in our program, we can proceed with another round of public subscription. If there is no interest, then of course there is no point in continuing. If the program meets (or exceeds) our expectations, we can fund our continued growth much faster than we can from our own operating revenues, while gaining loyal customers who will care about our success.

With the capital we have raised, we can expand faster. At the same time, we will be able to finance the entire development as before – without any loans and leases, which may be a “road to hell” for other companies in the coming crisis.

We will have customers who would be up against themselves if they moved elsewhere and bought services elsewhere. With us, they get excellent service at an even better price. In addition, as shareholders, they will also have discounts on the extension of existing services. At the same time, they may see an appreciation of their investment and, if we do well, they will receive a dividend.

Where we want to go and what we want to achieve

We have big plans. We want to become a leader in hosting on the Czech Slovak market. We want to establish ourselves in other countries. We have plans for our WEDOS Disk service and are working on other services we want to offer.

Although our current WEDOS Datacentre is relatively empty (occupancy rate of 8%), we are already considering another building. It would not only help us in that we could expand our offerings with modern serverhousing, but we would also have two physical locations ourselves, making it possible to have data stored more securely in two locations.

Of course, there are other options for the future. More on that next time…

All in electronic form, online voting

For our shareholders/loyalty program users we will launch an administration where they will have all the necessary information about the company’s development, what is coming up or what has happened in our company. We’ll reveal everything, of course. Not only what is required by law, but also a lot of other information. We will be in touch regularly, we will keep you informed.
We are also preparing electronic voting on substantive matters. You will become part of the company’s decision-making system!

Another reason why we are taking our public offering steps is because we do our services for people – for customers and we need to know their (your) opinion. We can get an unbiased opinion better from a person who cares about our (and at the same time his) success.


Of course, like any form of investing, this investment has its risks. But we are not gamblers. We don’t want to lose the more than CZK 20 million we have invested in the company either.

We don’t want to sell a stake in the company to “some” shareholders and then enjoy the price. No, we want to continue to expand and develop the company rapidly. It is the only way to succeed in today’s competition.

All funds raised will be used exclusively for the development of the company and will not be used (even partially) to pay out shares to any shareholders.

We also have certain protection mechanisms in place for our shareholders.

Why us?

Experience, experience and experience again. Results, results and more results.

The main axis of our company has been on the market since 1997. In that time, we have already built (among other things) one other company that is the largest in the industry. With our company WEDOS Internet, a.s., after 19 months we have already become one of the 3 largest hosting providers in the Czech Republic. We are clearly the fastest growing company in the industry.

The funds received will not be used for our personal needs or for the payment of existing shareholders (and their shares), but only for the further dynamic development of the company.

Today we are the third largest hosting company in the Czech Republic. Already today the real value of the company is many times higher than the registered capital. The share capital was used for investment and development of the company. The company has a building, its own equipment, the experience of the founders and staff, know-how, its own information system, a team of staff, and a solid (and rapidly growing) customer base. Everything is without bank loans and leases. These are all values higher than the investment made so far, which is quantified in crowns in the Commercial Register as share capital…

Details and questions

As promised in the introduction, we will bring the details in the coming days. Point by point, we’ll break everything down in as much detail as possible.

We look forward to the discussion and to your opinions. Please let us not discuss the points that are above and will therefore be detailed in separate articles. Now let us discuss rather what has not been written here as the main point, i.e. write down what is missing here.

More details next time.