IceWarp Mailserver


We have chosen IceWarp Mailserver product for our customers’ e-mail services. This is probably the best email system on the market.

IceWarp Mailserver, formerly Merak, is distinguished by being a truly comprehensive integrated communication and collaboration solution. It boasts more than 50 million users worldwide.

The product offers the following modules:

  • mail server
  • instant messaging server
  • SIP server (Voice over IP)
  • groupware – calendars, contacts and tasks with the possibility of sharing between users
  • antivirus
  • antispam
  • SyncML and ActiveSync technologies for synchronization with mobile phones
  • web client with Ajax technology
  • desktop client
  • Outlook connector
  • FTP server
  • web server

We will use several basic modules – mail server, antivirus, antispam and web client. We will use the product for web hosting customers, we will run the system in a cluster of several servers with shared storage. It will also be one of the applications we will install on dedicated/virtual servers on demand.

This product performed the best in our performance tests. It also has the best API to control it from our internal systems (some other systems lack this element). And in the end we managed to negotiate very interesting conditions, that’s why we chose him.

Product website: