How WEDOS WebSite is growing and how the service handled its first major DDoS attack


We quietly launched the WEDOS WebSite service in a test run at the end of January 2021. Then in February we started with a light promotion and gradually added promised features such as a contact form. At the end of March, the service is fully functional after a number of modifications and we are fine-tuning the details. But we have other big plans for her.

How WEDOS WebSite is growing

We are really happy with the WEDOS WebSite service. There was a lot of pressure from our customers who couldn’t wait for the launch. This time we went the “Progress Over Perfection” route, running everything in test mode and gradually tweaking and adding things.

As mentioned, contact forms were added in February. This functionality was much in demand. We know that customers often have problems with WordPress, for example. Contact forms must be properly secured to prevent abuse. At WebSite, we take care of this completely.

In March, we created a custom product page for WebSite at WebSite. You can find it on🙂 . So everything is made in our WEDOS WebSite editor.

It’s also time to evaluate the service properly, so we know how many websites are actually created on it and how fast they are. We did this using our CML (Central Monitoring Logs), through which we monitor both NoLimit, WMS and WebSite services.

The following data are for one week of operation (21.03.2021 – 27.03.2021).

Total number of sites and regular traffic

There are currently 997 active sites on WEDOS WebSite. I.e. These are domains associated with the WEDOS WebSite service, pointing to servers running the service and which have returned at least 1 request to the main page with a status code of 200.

These sites had a total of 182,894 visits per week. If we take the biggest ones that are currently running on it, we are getting over 11 thousand visits per week, which is not a big challenge. However, we are very pleased that our customers trust our service and are gradually shifting the websites they visit to it.

Average page generation speed

We built WEDOS WebSite so that you can run websites with millions of visitors on it. That’s why we emphasized speed. During the 7 days monitored, the average speed of page generation by the server was 14 ms, and the median was 13 ms.

For comparison , last April we did an extensive survey of all the sites on NoLimit and WMS and the following numbers came out.

This also shows how fast WebSite is. Once we debug the onpage, it won’t be buggy anymore 🙂

DDoS attack or let’s test what WebSite can withstand

Coincidentally, the domain of one of our customers was subjected to a rather strong DDoS attack. It was similar to the clever ones we described in our article A wave of new and insidious attacks is coming and WEDOS is ready for it. It was a botnet that attacked from the networks of mobile operators in Africa and the Middle East. A poorly detectable one that got away largely due to the fact that it didn’t do any damage. So some filters didn’t switch on.

Since it didn’t do any damage and the WebSite servers showed no signs of slowing down, we at least tried what WebSite could handle. We chose day 24. March 2021, when the attacks were at their strongest. In total, there were 2,814,931 requests that passed (some were blocked by the SYN filter for mischief elsewhere).

All requests went through to the WebSite server and were logged without any noticeable slowdown. On the graph you can see the number of requests per hour. The peak was between 4pm and 5pm, when it reached 368,590 requests per hour, an average of 6,143 requests per minute. WebSite made it through unscathed.

However, in this case it was only requests to a specific page. The visit itself did not take place. CSS file, JavaScript, images etc. were not downloaded. On the other hand, these files are on our temporary CDN, which will be replaced by the WEDOS AnyCast CDN in the future.

Although the WEDOS WebSite profi variant says that it is suitable for up to 100.000 visits per day, we dare to say that we could manage even a million 🙂

Which domains are most in demand

WEDOS WebSite includes .website, .art, .fun, .online, .site, . store and .tech domains for the first year free of charge.

From our statistics, we have found that most active websites are created on .online, .cz and .website domains.


Currently the WEDOS WebSite service is working well and we are satisfied with it. As we mentioned, onpage optimization is planned to make the site faster, especially on older mobile phones.

We are also waiting for the translation of the administration into other languages. We believe that the service will also be popular abroad.

We are also trying to expand the list of templates and blocks. We like to have several templates for each opportunity and business. We are considering how to achieve this as quickly and efficiently as possible. One way is some kind of competition for interesting prizes or rewards for template creators.

We are also preparing more similar tutorials and demos on how to make a nice and modern website in WEDOS WebSite.