$charging for login to customer administration


Dear Customers,

We regret to inform you that we have been forced to introduce a fee for logging into the customer administration. We are not happy about this decision, but it is unfortunately necessary given the current situation.

The reason for the introduction of the registration fee is the poor moral and financial situation in Czech football. Due to many cases and activity of the Police of the Czech Republic, some game fees are increasing, for example “Goal Fee”, “Penalty Fee”, “VAR Unnoticeable” or on the contrary “VAR Noticeable” and especially “Forgiveness Fee”. However, there are many more charges. A complete list of the various fees and current prices will be sent to you by the FAČR upon request.

So we decided to create our own login ID  called. MoneyID. This is a sophisticated solution that automatically sends a tithe of the entry price to the selected football club, depending on the district (or region) you are entering from.

As you may have noticed, nowadays, more than game skills and player commitment, money decides the outcome. By logging in via MoneyID you have the opportunity to decide whether your club wins or advances or is relegated…

Of course, you can bet on any of the matches and get your MoneyID login fee back or even make a profit. Football is a spectacle for sponsors, a spectacle for spectators and it’s a farce…

So far, we have only introduced a fee-based login to the administration. Soon we will extend this to include charging for logging into customer CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, etc.) and so customers will always have to pay us if they want to change something on their site. But they’ll have a clear conscience, because the tithe will go to football.

We hope you enjoyed our April Fool’s joke with a bit of “corruption sarcastic humour”. 

One more piece of good news that is not April

You may not have noticed, but we have decided to stop financially supporting football. We are glad that there are other sponsors who are not indifferent to the future of Czech football. Yesterday, for example, Ondrášovka (part of Kofola, a.s.) announced that it is no longer supporting the unclean football environment. We thank them very much for that and hope that more will join soon. Otherwise we won’t clean up the football 🙂