How our community website did in October and what we are planning


A few days ago the number of users of our community website exceeded 4 thousand. It’s evident in the activity. There were 524 queries in October, which is just under 17 per day.

The number of responses for October was 866, of which 630 (approx. 73%) were responses from our customer support. In addition, 251 additional comments were added to the questions and answers.

We are very pleased with the growing interest of the community and try to support active members. Since last month, the most active ones can get the Customer+ status. This allows them to answer questions without having to wait for the moderator’s approval. They can also add their Business Card (signature) under their posts, where they can write something about themselves and put a link to their website, similar to our customer support. So far we have 6 community members with this status.

We also reward active community members with a pack of WEDOS Energy (24 cans). It is not always necessary to write down the solution, but it is enough if you point the questioner to the right answer or advise him/her where the mistake might be.

For October we also sent the most active member of the community a coupon for a discount on new hosting services in the amount of 500 CZK.

Of course, we are also thinking about other motivations. In addition to activity prizes, we are also considering prizes for the most difficult unanswered questions. A community website is not just about supporting our customers. We would be happy if programmers or server administrators could exchange their experience there. We plan to pay financial rewards for activity.

For now, is still in beta test. Many changes and improvements are still to come. In time, we even plan to add a regular discussion forum where you can discuss everything related to websites, servers and IT in general.