Hosting news March 2012


Current special offers, news and what’s coming up – 10% discount on renewals, 20% discounts on new services, free Windows Server licenses, bulk promotions, .CZ owner changes and more.

Current special offers

Special offer – 10% discount on service extension

You have repeatedly asked us for a discount for existing customers. We have complied and are offering an exceptional 10% discount on the renewal of web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. This is an extraordinary event that will be valid only until 29.3.2012. The discount does not apply to domains.

Read more: 10% special discount on service extension

Domain Price Reduction Promotion

We have reduced domain prices for new registrations and renewals throughout March. For example, a .CZ domain costs 120 CZK without VAT for 1 year, i.e. 144 CZK including VAT. Details in the domain price list.

Up to 2 years of free hosting when you switch from a competitor

The popular promotion is still going on – every web host switching to us from a competitor gets double the unused time for free (maximum 2 years).

Web hosting with 20% discount

Until the end of March, we are offering a 20% discount on all new web hosts. Just enter the discount coupon code WDS120220 in the order.

NoLimit Extra with additional introductory price 20% cheaper

Before the end of the year, we launched an extremely powerful version of web hosting that has several different parameters. This version of NoLimit Extra has met with great interest from our clients, so we are extending the introductory prices (20% discount) until 15.4.2012. Web hosting NoLimit Extra You can activate it at any time directly in the customer center.

VPS with 20% discount

Until the end of March, we are offering a 20% discount on all new VPS. Just enter the discount coupon code WDS120220 in the order.

VPS with a free Windows Server 2008 R2 license

For two weeks now, we have been offering Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system for free for the entire first payment period for all newly ordered VPS. Save 50% on VPS! The interest in the event is quite extraordinary. The promotion is valid until further notice.


Bulk actions for domains and services

In mid-February we launched mass actions for domains, which will be especially appreciated by owners of a large number of domains. You can easily make bulk changes to domains and other hosting services in one form. In the Customer Service Centre it is now possible to:

  • bulk register
  • mass re-register
  • bulk get authorization passwords
  • extend in bulk
  • change customer data (billing data) in bulk
  • change DNS servers in bulk
  • set up WWW and e-mail redirection in bulk
  • bulk transfer to another customer account

Change of .CZ domain owner without officially certified signature

This week we launched a new feature on domains and changes of ownership. You can choose whether to make the change via a certified signature or the new online confirmation via email and SMS. More information: New way to change the owner of a CZ domain .

More news

  • Customers can move services between customer accounts individually or in bulk.
  • You can set up a low credit alert (drop below a set amount) for a deposit account.
  • In DNS, it is possible to create domain patterns for easier addition of domains with preset records. We are preparing to add domains to DNS in bulk.

What are we preparing?

  • We are finalizing the launch of SSL for web hosting. There will be a free option with a shared certificate and a paid option with a self-signed certificate. Sorry for the slight delay.
  • We are preparing a new service that will offer high-capacity storage for your data. The service will serve as an archive, backup space and storage for any private data. We will publish the offer and further details soon. We are already prepared for this and have purchased a high-capacity FUJITSU disk array.
  • DNSSEC technology support for .EU domains is in final testing.

From the life of our company

  • You know that we are active on social networks(Facebook and Twitter), so you can now also find us on Google Plus.
  • In recent months, the competition has been intensifying and DDoS attacks against us are also frequent. We are resisting valiantly and have even managed almost 2.9 Gbps without any impact on service.
  • On 1.3. we enjoyed “April”. Man does not live by work alone, and that is why we have fun here. One of our clients advised us what to do for April. We did it. Just a month earlier. Find (by scrolling through the footage) on our webcam the footage from 1.3.2012 from 15:30 to 17:00 or watch the video from 1.3.2012. Have fun too. It was our most successful order day in our history to date. We overcame it on 15.3.2012.
  • On 13.3.2012 we celebrated 18 months of our existence. Nice anniversary. The reward for us was that we crossed 60,000 active domains at the same time. Thank you all for your trust. Let’s recap how we’re doing one more time. Take a look at the graph of web hosting growth in the Czech Republic for the period 13.12.2011-13.3.2012.
  • Mr. Černý from Moravské Budějovice left us with a new Škoda Octavia, which he won as a prize for ordering services. We wish you as many happy miles as possible.
  • At the beginning of March we successfully defended our ISO 9001 and 14001 certification.
  • In the server room, we have made a so-called cold aisle, which closed 10 rack cabinets operated by us (we have a total of 12 in the Datacentre), and thus brings great economic savings in cooling servers.

  • Our data flow is already between 1.5 – Gbps at peak times and we are working intensively on another independent optical route. Take a look at how our data flows are growing (the graph shows averages for each day).

  • We have acquired another block of IPv4 addresses
  • Finally, we hope to reveal that we are preparing one big surprise for our fans and customers. You will soon find out more…