New WEDOS Customer Data Processing Policy in accordance with GDPR and changes we had to make. (Note: if anyone wishes to cancel their account they can do so by following the instructions at

IMPORTANT. The processing contracts will be available for download in the customer administration in the details of the specific service from 23.5.2018 – but no later than 25.5.2018. We will also gradually release a new GDPR section where you can find out what personal data WEDOS holds about you.

About six months ago, we began intensive preparations to meet all the requirements of Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 – General Data Protection Regulation abbreviated as GDPR. As it turned out, both procedurally and systemically, it was not too challenging thanks to our existing procedures. We spent the longest time fine-tuning the new terms and conditions and processing agreements we created especially for our clients. The good news is that we have managed to resolve all the requirements in a way that has minimal impact on you – our customers. Thanks to automation, our system takes care of everything.

New terms and conditions – WEDOS as administrator

Due to GDPR, we have added approximately 10 pages of text to the terms and conditions GDPR compliant processing of personal data of WEDOS customers . In this policy you will find everything from the legal requirements to how we protect and handle customer data and a list of your rights. Due to this news, the contractual terms and conditions have been modified and will come into force automatically on 23. 5. 2018and so no intervention is required on your part.

Processing contracts – WEDOS as a processor

Due to the nature of our services, we have “fallen” into the category of processors, although we do not actually process any data. We have decided not to address this issue with any service and to accommodate general requests. We understand that many of our customers have customers who are pressuring them about processing contracts because of GDPR because they are afraid of high fines. That’s why we have processing contracts for everyone at WEDOS:). For each service, you will find a processing contract that is linked to the specific service and has a unique number with a revision number. This contract is concluded between WEDOS and the website operator. So if you want your customer to be on it, fill it in as the operator – the owner of the service. Contracts can be downloaded in PDF format with an electronically signed trusted certificate exactly as required by the GDPR.

Modifications in administration

There have been several minor changes in the customer administration in connection with GDPR. This is mainly the new “GDPR” section, where you can see what personal data we record for your customer account. Furthermore, as already mentioned above, it is now possible to specify the owner of the service (website operator), with whom the processing contract will be subsequently concluded. You will also need to confirm the new checkboxes wherever you enter any new personal data. Specifically, this includes whether you are of sufficient age or have the consent of a legal representative, consent to the terms and conditions, and consent to entering your own data or the data of a third party who has given you this consent.

Security of your data at WEDOS

Meeting the requirements of GDPR was not a problem for us, because all WEDOS processes were designed from the beginning so that we could obtain ISO 27001 certification (information security management system) and possibly others that our customers would require. If you follow our social media profiles, you know that we like to “overdo it” with security. We don’t rely on what the normal standards are, but we go further. For example, in the first datacentre we have bars in the windows, in the second datacentre there will be real safe doors weighing a tonne, or that all our employees had to undergo professional psychological tests. It is similar with our system and service facilities.


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