Domain Massacre and other special offers


From today .CZ domain for only 145 CZK without VAT. The free webhosting offer for switching from competitors continues. Meanwhile, the reduced prices of .EU and .COM domains remain.

Change of .CZ domain price

No, we didn’t get the date wrong. CZ.NIC is officially lowering the wholesale price of .CZ domains from February 1, 2011, but we are lowering the price for our customers from now on. For all our customers the price is 145 CZK without VAT for 1 year (174 CZK with VAT). The price is valid for everyone without any obligations and without the need to order any additional service from us.

This price will continue to apply after January and will become the standard price for 2011.

Web hosting

For the time being, we will keep the price of 19 CZK per month without VAT, including thefree web hosting promotion when switching from the competitors. We are extending these two events until 15.1.2011.

It is still the case that if you switch to us with web hosting from a competitor, we will give it to you for free for a period of time corresponding to twice the remaining period of this service with the competitor. This can get you up to 2 years free.

More information: Competition and free web hosting

.EU and .COM domains

Special prices are still valid for these two domains:

  • .EU for 100 CZK without VAT per year (120 CZK with VAT)
  • .COM for 150 CZK without VAT per year (180 CZK with VAT)