4 months later, 123. Day of Life Hosting WEDOS


Today we celebrate a small anniversary. We have been offering our services for 4 months now and today we have entered our fifth and have a beautiful 123rd day of existence. Let’s try a little recap of what we did and didn’t do.

We would like to start by thanking all our existing customers for their trust and your interest is the best reward. At the end of the article you have a “sweet reward” for fast readers.

Milestones of our development

How WEDOS went step by step in the past months:



What is the biggest achievement of our development so far?

  • we have already processed over 9300 orders, of which over 1800 in the first 12 days of January 2011 (for comparison – in the first 2 months of operation it was 3200)
  • in recent weeks we are the fastest growing registrar and webhosting in the Czech Republic
  • we launched the services as we had imagined, with a small delay for VPS and dedicated servers
  • we are on schedule and on track with our plans in terms of the number of service orders, we are pleasantly surprised and our plans are exceeded
  • we have expanded our team (6 people) with more colleagues, so now we have 9 of us working on the project and we are selecting more


Everything can’t be rosy, and so we also had a few “birth” pains.

  • Connectivity failure of our supplier on 8.11. 2010 was the most unpleasant thing that happened to us

Is it a success or a failure? Due to the ever increasing number of orders we sometimes have little free hardware for additional servers (and we already have over 50 physical servers in operation !), so we always have to be saved by FUJITSU. They are great to work with! Thank you. FUJITSU also has a big share in our success.

According to the competition, the other failures are – bad site selection, bad investor, bad manager and too low prices :-).

Next steps

Our next steps in the coming weeks

  • introduction of telephone support and 24-hour support
  • increase in power input
  • increase connectivity to 10Gbps

Our next steps can be found in the continuously updated TODO sheet .

A gift at the end

We have a “little” gift for you. 33% discount on web hosting – valid only today (13.1.2011). After the discount, web hosting costs 12.75 CZK without VAT (15.30 CZK incl. VAT) per month!

Still valid: domain promotions, free 2 years (up to) when switching from competitors and every day we draw weekends at the hotel in Hluboká.

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