Current status of WEDOS Global – end of January 2023


WEDOS Global is gradually growing. Two important points were added in January. We are doing our best to make the network truly global as soon as possible. We just want to have our hardware with enough connectivity everywhere. In today’s article we have a short summary of how we are doing.

Current status of WEDOS Global

WEDOS Global is gradually growing. In January, we launched our first points in the USA (Dallas) and Australia (Sydney), taking us to 4 continents. We have ready points in Africa (Johannesburg/South Africa) where we already have HPE Moonshot with 45 physical servers and 4 more locations in the US where we have 360 servers. We’re just waiting for them to plug it in and run all the necessary tests. Then the first packets will flow through it.

We are also arranging a point in South America (São Paulo/Brazil). Next we’ll have Mexico City/Mexico. Sofia/Bulgaria is in the pipeline. If everything goes ideally, we could have the points there by the end of February, but honestly, building a global network where you want at least 45 or 90 physical servers at each point and connectivity of at least 100 Gbps as planned is not going anywhere 🙂 .

Toronto/Canada is in the pipeline. It may also be at the end of February, possibly in March.

We have servers in Turkey now, but they are blocked at customs. Otherwise, we’re all set.


We currently have points in the following locations.

StateCityStarted by
🇨🇿Czech RepublicHluboká nad Vltavou DC218.10.2022
🇨🇿Czech RepublicHluboká nad Vltavou DC1

We are also working on:

  • Istanbul (Turkey), as mentioned above – servers are blocked at customs.
  • Sofia (Bulgaria), we have signed all the necessary contracts. Given the importance of this location, we’ll send 2 Moonshots.


StateCityStarted by
🇭🇰Hong KongHong Kong13:11 16.09.2022
🇯🇵JapanTokyo16:14 15.09.2022
🇸🇬SingaporeSingapore14:37 18.10.2022

We are also working on:

  • Seoul (South Korea) + Mumbai (India) + Dubai (UAE) or Muscat (Oman)

North America

We sent 5x 2 Moonshots to the USA in December 2022. There’s one involved so far.

StateCityStarted by

Status of other points:

  • Silicon Valley – we are dealing with complications due to the size of the HPE Moonshot.
  • Chicago – we are dealing with complications due to the size of the HPE Moonshot.
  • New York – we are working out the details of connectivity, but everything is on track.
  • Atlanta – we are working out the details of connectivity, but everything is on track.
  • Mexico – we have a signed contract and will ship in February.
  • Toronto (Canada) is in the process.


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Some charts from the second half of January 2023

In January, the number of protected websites exceeded 1,700. Not all of them have services with us. The advantage of WEDOS Global Protection is that you can protect your website from attacks and you don’t have to move anything to us. Feel free to stay with your hosting, server or hosting provider. Basically, you just use our DNS, to which you just point the domain.

These more than 1700 domains generated the following number of requests between 14.01.2023 – 31.01.2023 that went through WEDOS Global. These requirements do not include L3, L4 DDoS attacks and accesses from blacklisted IP addresses, which make up the majority of traffic, but no one misses them.

In this graph you can see the total number of requests handled by each point. Each column is 3 hours.

In total, WEDOS Global handled 1,155,745,931 requests from 5,357,181 unique IP addresses from 14 January 2023 to 31 January 2023. At peak it was 13,210,350 in 3 hours.

Most of the sites are with us. They use our shared web hosting, WMS or VPS ON. After the NoLimit parameter increase in January 2022, it will be quite a lot, don’t you think? 🙂
For now, most of the traffic comes from the Czech Republic, then Europe. That is why we have the most points in Europe. But as you can see, there’s a lot coming from the US as well. That’s why we count 5 points and 10 moonshots.
Connection provider table. O2 is clearly leading.


Of course, there are further negotiations on other points. It’s not easy, because we try to choose the same suppliers, both for economic and organisational reasons. Some datacenter operators have connectivity from one supplier, others from another. We have to deal with technical things like rack depth or wiring. Organisational, such as transport, but gradually also bureaucracy.

We are in contact with dozens of datacentres around the world where negotiations are ongoing. Important for us is the possibility of further scaling, but also the price. We need to keep costs within reason.

Negotiations are arduous because you have to communicate with people from all over the world, i.e. from different time zones.

But it’s worth it. WEDOS Global is already doing a great job. It protects 1,736 websites, not just our customers’.