Changes to the webmail interface of web hosting


There have been some minor changes to the webmail interfaces for web hosting. We strongly recommend using the RoundCube interface for normal work with e-mails (receiving, sending).

Unfortunately, the original IceWarp webmail interface that comes with the mailserver software of the same name has been problematic for a long time and it doesn’t seem like anything will change anytime soon. It often happens that this interface stops working completely for a short time or is very slow.

That is why we have recently made available a second webmail interface, RoundCube, which works reliably and does not suffer from similar problems. We currently recommend using it for normal work with e-mails (receiving, writing, sending).

Both webmail addresses can be accessed via .

To inform all customers that RoundCube is also available, the original IceWarp interface address ( is redirected to the interface selection signpost from today.

RoundCube was also updated to the latest version 0.8 today.

Webmail RoundCube

Recommended for normal e-mail handling (receiving and sending).

It is a very fast, reliable and hassle-free email client. that offers:

  • multilingual environment (70 languages)
  • moving messages between folders drag & drop
  • full support for HTML messages and attachments
  • multiple sender identities and signatures
  • contact directory
  • Search
  • mailbox management

You cannot configure some mailbox properties through this interface (inbox filters, automatic replies, password changes, etc.). If you need something like this, use the IceWarp webmail interface temporarily, but after that we recommend you continue to use RoundCube for regular mail work.

Webmail IceWarp

We do not recommend using this interface for normal email work. It is not a very reliable and fast interface, and may occasionally experience short-term outages or slowdowns.

Use this interface only if you need to set up:

  • filters for incoming mail
  • automatic responses
  • change your mailbox password
  • forwarding of incoming emails
  • anti-spam rules

After that, we recommend that you continue to use RoundCube for normal mail handling.

It is also possible to use the PDA interface of WebMail(