Changes to DNS records for email services


Starting today, web hosts will begin using a new domain name system to access email services

To begin with, we stress that existing customers do not have to do anything or change anything anywhere. The original email domain names continue to work and will continue to work. The functioning of any service will not change in any way.

New domain names are used for web hosting, which customers use to connect to our email servers – MX records, IMAP server, POP3 server, SMTP server and IceWarp webmail.

Web hosting service email addresses

Each webhost has these names individually, the customer will find them in the email about setting up the webhost or in the customer center in the details of the respective webhost.

Example of a table with an overview of the address of each web hosting service:

In addition, we automatically add the subdomains ftp, imap, pop3, smtp and webmail to the DNS of newly established web hosts. So you have 2 options, what you set e.g. IMAP server in your e-mail client:

  1. name listed in the service address:
  2. subdomain of the customer’s domain:

The DNS records of the domain that uses our web hosting and our DNS servers may look like. as follows:


If you use the RoundCube webmail interface, always access Here, web hosts do not have an individual address.

If you want to use the IceWarp webmail interface, you must use the individual address as specified in the information for the specific web host (e.g. http://webmail-28435. However, for normal e-mail work (receiving and writing messages), we recommend using the above mentioned RoundCube.

Secure SSL access

WARNING! If you use subdomains, your WWW and email clients will report a security problem because the domain name will not match the names specified in the SSL certificate you are using. No security problem will be reported when using original addresses.

Our email servers use SSL certificates issued by the StartSSL certificate authority. If your application does not know this CA, you can download its certificates at