Birthday wishes from clients


One of the competitions was creative. You should have wished us a happy birthday. The winner will receive a laptop.

Update – publication of results

After a long and many times postponed announcement of the winners, we decided to choose the winners. It was an extremely difficult decision. Too heavy. We argued for many days.

The winner was determined by a gift:

Gift number 1 – Lenka from Brno for sending sweets


Thank you all very much for your participation! This time we will send more valuable gifts to all participants. So we will not determine the order of the other prizes, but we will send everyone a gift package in October.

Songs and videos will have another competition and it will be possible to participate there as well (once again with the same or improved proposal).

It was a very difficult decision. Everyone had a different opinion, but we voted democratically and the result is above. We really appreciate it and thank you all very much.

Can you help us choose a laptop?

We are not sure how to choose the winner of the laptop, so we tried to make a wish.

Tangible gifts

Gift number 1

Gift number 2


Video number 1

Video number 2

Video number 3

Video number 4


Audio number 1

Poems and songs

We put the lyrics as pictures…

Wish number 1

Wish number 2

Wish number 3

Wish number 4

Wish number 5

Wish number 6

Other wishes

Other wishes 1

Other Wishes 2

Other Wishes 3

Other wishes 4

Web Hosting An Extremely Good Business Servant,
Epicenter of Good Giant Servers,
Domains Ordered Hundreds of Thousands,
Agile Support,

Other wishes 5

Firefox add-on – appearance theme:

Other Wishes 7 (download the presentation here)

We still need to add a few more wishes, but not everything could be posted here in a similar way.