API – new methods and other TLDs


Additional methods for working with domains have been added to our WAPI interface, you can now work with all TLDs that we register

The first version of WAPI, which was a trial version, allowed only to obtain information about and register CZ domains.

The new version of WAPI, launched last week, already offers full functionality. For all the TLDs we offer (cz, eu, com, net, org, info) it is possible to call methods for:

  • domain availability
  • domain information
  • Registration
  • re-registration
  • extension
  • change DNS servers of the domain and other changes
  • sending authorisation information
  • creating, re-registering and editing contacts
  • creation, re-registration and editing of NSSETs in the CZ domain registry

We are currently working on adding methods to control our DNS system via WAPI (creating domains in DNS, working with records, etc.).

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