20 websites with the most traffic on NoLimit, NoLimit Extra and WMS in 24 hours on Tuesday 18.01.2022


We have some quick stats for you today. We are continuously monitoring the effect of the parameter increase for NoLimit and NoLimit Extra services on the speed of our customers’ websites. So far, everything looks good. There’s not much to report, so we did a quick survey of the 20 sites with the most traffic at the moment.

Measurement methodology

Statistics are from 18.01.2022 at 11:30 for the last 24 hours as we have them stored in CML (central log monitoring), where all logs from servers are uploaded in real time. The statistics are based on the access log.

We count a domain or a subdomain as a website, but not both. Similarly, accesses to the variant with and without www are not added. Internal addresses (*.wedos.ws), VIPs and our projects are removed for measurement purposes. We only take the LowCost, NoLimit, NoLimit Extra and WMS services that you can normally purchase.

Only requests pointing to .php, html files and a nice URL (ending in /) are counted as access. These accesses must return HTTP status code 200 (page found). Thus redirects, error pages, etc. are not counted.

Only logs directly from the end webserver (hosting) are counted. So, for example, there are no stopped attacks or unnecessary robots (according to our 2020 measurements, harmful and unnecessary traffic exceeds 60%).


The results table is divided by site (request_host), number of accesses, unique IP addresses, average and median TTFB in ms. TTFB (Time to First Byte) is the time it takes for the server to start returning the first data to the browser. In our case it is the time of processing the script on the server and returning the result. To TTFB we need to add a few ms to return the request from our datacenter to the visitor, which depends on his internet connection.

The number of unique IP addresses accessed is not only influenced by the composition of traffic, but also by the fact that the site may be protected by our WEDOS Global Protection or a similarly functioning competing service. The end web host then records visitors as if they came from the protections. That’s the dozens of approaches.

In the first place is the customer with NoLimit Extra service, which runs an application on it that communicates with third parties. This is why it has so few unique IPs and a median TTFB of only 4 ms.

In the second place is the customer’s website, which is on the WMS together with his other websites. In total, it had over 1.2 million accesses in 24 hours, from more than 40,000 unique IP addresses. The median TTFB holds a beautiful 43 ms.

Just for the record, over a measured period of 24 hours, all of his sites on this WMS had 1.8 million hits from 88,000 unique IPs. There are more individual settings on WMS than on NoLimit. In addition, the hardware is dedicated.

In third place is the customer’s web host, which offers a service with administration. In the table there is a subdomain with this administration and API.

Discussion forums

Discussion forums are represented several times in the table. It is specific to them that they have a lot of views, because readers return to them several times a day and go through several pages per visit.

The biggest is site number 5. It is an active discussion forum that runs on the older open source FluxBB system. There are over a million discussion posts on it.

At 10. The site is a discussion forum built on xenForo. Over 198 thousand accesses in 24 hours from more than 3.5 thousand UIPs. The website occupies 52 GB on our storage disks and has a 770 MB database.

The next discussion forum is on the 12th. Instead. The operator used the popular open source phpBB. According to our statistics, it had 187 thousand accesses in 24 hours.

Visited WordPress websites at WEDOS

At 7. The site with more than 340 thousand hits in 24 hours is a site built on WordPress. Thanks to the WP Rocket caching plugin and a very strong onpage optimization, the operator managed to bring the median time to display down to 475 ms. No wonder WEDOS NoLimit is the most popular WordPress web host in the Czech Republic. Only for sites with more than 100,000 hits you should rather reach for NoLimit Extra 😉

Next WordPress is on the 15th. site with 177 thousand pages viewed. This is a popular magazine. The lower number of unique IP addresses is due to accesses through third-party reverse proxy services.

At 20. The site is an e-shop built on WordPress and WooCommerce extension. It had a total of 145,000 accesses from 1.5 thousand UIPs in 24 hours.


There are a lot of big websites in our country. The question is by what metric to evaluate it. Today we used accesses to .php, .html and pretty URLs. Next time we may use unique IP addresses or number of unique URLs visited.

You can run a variety of projects on NoLimit and NoLimit Extra. Not only the performance in the form of fast processors and enabled PHP threads, but also the parameters for running scripts are really above standard not only on the Czech market. At the same time, we have managed to keep the price very low in the long term.

Take a look at our Web Hosting LowCost, NoLimit and Extra comparison page.

And if that’s not enough, you can get a WMS with dedicated hardware.