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Another interesting competition is behind us. This time we organized it together with the South Bohemian Zoo Hluboká nad Vltavou, where we are the general partner for the second year.

Competition question and correct answer

“What will be the total length of the yellow anacondas in the Hluboká nad Vltavou Zoo when the official measurement takes place in December 2021?”

Answers to the competition questions were entered into a special form in millimetres (mm), which was linked to from the email sent after the payment of the hosting service order. The form was active from 30.09.2021 00:00 to 16.12.2021 23:59. Everyone could participate in the competition repeatedly. For each purchase/renewal of a hosting service, an additional email was sent so that customers with multiple services could guess multiple times.

This time the competition question did not contain the exact date of measurement because we had to adapt to the situation. There must be a sufficient number of trained personnel to do this and the anacondas must be in the mood for it. The measurements were combined with a tour of the animals.

The measurements were taken on Wednesday 15.12.2021 at around 1 pm. The size of the anacondas was determined using a string and was carried out by zoo staff. The string was then measured with a tape measure.

Nobody knew in advance what mood they would be in, or whether we as foreigners would not disturb the anacondas. That’s why they let us wait outside before catching the first anaconda.

A large number of zoo staff participated in the measurements. Although yellow anacondas are not the biggest, they are pretty strong. No one wanted to underestimate anything.
The anacondas were calm, so they let us take pictures and film the capture.

The measurements and the subsequent inspection were carried out without any problems.

On the date of measurement, the Hluboká Zoo had a total of 2 yellow anacondas. One measured 2502 mm and the other 2115 mm. The correct answer to the competition question was 4617 mm.

The official document with the results was sent to us on Friday 17.12.2021.

Official result of the length measurement of yellow anacondas in Hluboká Zoo from 15.12.2021. Click on the image to be taken to the sent PDF document.

Evaluation of the competition

2750 tickets were entered into the competition, an increase of 67.7% compared to the previous competition. Both our customers and customers participated in the competition.

While at the most popular product was Travel insurance abroad and to the Czech Republic, for us it was clearly web hosting NoLimit (almost 80%).

We were quite surprised to see that the second most popular tipsters are VPS SSDs. This service has long been very popular with our customers. Unlike VPS ON, which came third, it doesn’t provide as much performance (VPS ON has more powerful processors), but it is very well priced and available (the service has been well tuned over the years and there is no ongoing development, so servers are only restarted if scheduled maintenance requires it). Most physical servers with VPS SSD have been running for several years without failure.

Winners and prizes

No one hit the ball accurately this time either. The most accurate tip 4600 was sent to us by Mr. René Češka on the 10th. October. The winner is an iPhone 13 Pro or Apple prizes worth CZK 30,000. We’ll see what he chooses 🙂

The complete list of winners, including their picks, can be found in the table below. We will contact everyone by e-mail:

RankingName and surname of the winnerTipThe Difference
1.René Češka (Krizanov)4600-17
2.David Ketner (Coal)4646+29
3.Kamil Dorazil (Přerov)4587-30
4.Marian Kukura (Sydney)4647+30
5.Patrik Olšanský (Ostrava)4580-37
6.Pavel Snášel (Olomouc)4578-39
7.David Kobylak (Prague)4657+40
8.Tomas Zeidler (Průhonice)4658+41
9.Jana Čechová (Lukov)4576-41
10.Marie Füsselová (Ústí nad Labem)4569-48
11.Ladislav Prokop (Čížov)4563-54
12.Daniel Bata (Prague 6)4563-54
13.Martin Krejčíř (Slavkov u Brna)4678+61
14.Jakub Ďuriš (Prague)4556-61

ℹ️ Everyone could win only once in the contest even if they sent multiple tickets
ℹ️ The official contest page and evaluation is :

The next big competition?

We take the competition as an attraction for new customers, but also as a thank you to existing ones. So we plan to continue. But now it will be Christmas and there are other events and surprises planned 😉

At the moment, we do not have an exact date for the launch of the next big competition.