What to expect in February


Our datacenter project is slowly starting to take off. In the beginning it will be a lot of paperwork, office work, finding suppliers, meeting with suppliers and other fun activities.

According to the original schedule, the project was supposed to start at the beginning of February, but because we couldn’t wait, we started in advance in mid-January, when we launched our website, wrote several introductory articles and announced several tenders.

What we did in January

  • negotiated the purchase of the building from O2 and signed a contract with them
  • let the current tenants of the premises give notice so that we can start building in April or May
  • launched these WWW pages
  • issued a number of tenders – backup generator, connectivity, space cooling, UPS, fire extinguishers and double flooring
  • commissioned a project for building permits
  • worked on the development of the DNS system

What to expect in February

  • preparation of the project and building permit
  • negotiations with the town of Hluboká nad Vltavou regarding optical routes from our building
  • Negotiations with owners of surrounding buildings for placement of wireless equipment
  • solution for the placement of outdoor technologies (especially generator and air conditioning units)
  • completion of the DNS system, its thorough testing
  • start of work of programmers on the development of the necessary information system for our needs (records of orders and customer services)
  • preparation of tenders, communication with potential suppliers and dozens of business meetings
  • maintenance of this site and communication with you