What does WEDOS actually mean?


WEDOS, a terrible acronym? No, in the future it will be synonymous with quality WEbhosting, cheapest DOmény and excellent Serverhosting.

Where did the acronym come from and why WEDOS? It is really a compound of WEbhosting, DOmény, Serverhosting, which was created many many years ago, more precisely in 2004, when inventing the name for the web hosting company FORPSI (originally pes.cz). We were looking for a simple name that would be short, memorable and, most importantly, to which we could register domains in all possible endings (plus possible trademarks).

It was a complicated process. First, the company, which had about 35 employees at the time, did a survey. Then it was combined in various ways (and WEDOS was created as an artificial word – a compound of WEbhosting, DOmény, Serverhosting) and finally came the generator of various names, which directly checked free domains (maybe we will offer something similar in the future in our country). Several hundred possible names were found. After long, long deliberation, the name FORPSI was chosen for the original company and WEDOS was discarded.

Years later, we were starting a new company and looking for a name. The first thing we remembered was WEDOS. The domains were still available, so we used WEDOS for our company name. We registered the domains and arranged for trademarks. And so we used the name WEDOS to operate our company, which deals, for example, with the sale of building materials via the Internet, insurance sales and other activities.

By coincidence and circumstance, WEDOS will offer the services that are in its name, i.e. WEbhosting, DOmény, Serverhosting. It wasn’t the plan, but now the name fits perfectly. The company WEDOS was rented in the O2 building. We lived together for over 2 years without any problems. Then O2 came along (interesting turn of phrase) and suggested that we buy the building or someone else would buy it. We bought the building and we were wondering what to do with its use, because it is a large building (2 x 440 m2). What to do with the fallout shelter? In addition, which is on the optical backbone… We couldn’t think of anything other than: mushrooms (we don’t eat that many), growing marijuana (we don’t smoke it) or a really safe datacenter. So we’re back to where the name WEDOS comes from – WEbhosting, DOmény, Serverhosting.