WEDOS Open Days 2011


To celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of our hosting services, we have prepared a special event – WEDOS Open Days 2011 together with a conference on hosting services. The whole event will take place on 26-28 October 2011 in Hluboká nad Vltavou.

WEDOS Open Days 2011

WEDOS Open Days 2011 or Meet us at Hluboká with WEDOS and FUJITSU.

The event is organised by WEDOS (

The main partner of the event is Fujitsu (

Other partners are Intel, Hotel Záviš Hluboká nad Vltavou

The patronage of the event was taken over (and will be personally attended) by the Senator of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and the Mayor of Hluboká nad Vltavou, Mr. Ing. Tomáš Jirsa

Registration is available at

Tour of the WEDOS data centre

Every day you will have the opportunity to look under the hood of WEDOS. You’ll see the complete Datacenter. Not only can you see the technologies used and the equipment of the entire datacenter, but you can ask us anything. Not only our staff, but also the company management will be available, so no question will go unanswered.

The WEDOS datacentre is not the largest datacentre in the Czech Republic, but we are one of the most modern datacentres. Come and see us and you will no longer hesitate whether or not to entrust us with your data. You will see a datacentre for 6.000 1U positions, where there are a little over 100 servers (about 2% of the capacity is used), but where there is 600 kW cooling, double floors, camera system, automatic fire extinguishing system with FM200 gas…

Presentation of our partners’ technologies

Our partners will present their state-of-the-art technologies, you can “touch” them, you can see them and try them out. You can ask anything. Among others:

  • FUJITSU data storage, servers and blade solutions
  • FUJITSU laptops, workstations, tablets and monitors
  • INTEL processors
  • technologies of other partners (list will be provided in a separate article)

Seminars on domains, hosting and servers

Two days of seminars will be held on various topics. There will always be a short presentation of the topic (about 30 minutes) followed by a discussion of the issue (20 minutes). The exact programme of individual lectures and the time schedule will be published later (27.9.2011).

Domains – presented by CZ.NIC, EURID, topics of domain wholesale, secondary domain market, news from the world of domains, future of the domain market

Web hosting – technology, solutions, customer requirements and ideas, market development, how to choose the right solution, how to choose the right provider

Servers – virtualization technology, servers, dedicated servers, storage, blade, miniblade,

Law and business – domain law, trademarks, trade regulations, taxes, data protection, arbitration, unfair competition,

Other – datacenter technology (UPS, motor generators, servers, cooling, fire suppression, double floors, energy saving solutions)

Museum of Computer Technology

With the help of our partners and 3 private collectors of old, but functional computer technology, we are preparing a unique exhibition of computer technology that you will not see elsewhere. Come and see computers that are decades old, gaming computers from the 80’s. years. You’ll also see the first servers with Intel processors, the oldest laptops, old printers, old recording media – from mainframes to Amiga, Commodore and the cloud.

Come to reminisce with us or, on the contrary, come to see what you have never seen, because you may not even remember this time…

You will see many interesting things, including the entire development line of Intel processors from history to the present. Another interesting exhibit is a silicon wafer used in the production of Intel processors.

Refreshments, tickets to the castle and other gifts

Refreshments, tickets to the Hluboká Castle and the Hluboká Zoo will be available for every visitor. All visitors will receive small gifts as a memento of their trip to Hluboká to visit WEDOS. For visitors from distant regions, we are preparing discounted accommodation in Hluboká nad Vltavou so that you can stay with us throughout the event.

And many other surprises…

WEDOS will present the new services that it is preparing for you and that we are planning to launch later this year.

At the same time, WEDOS will introduce one novelty that has never been seen before in the Czech internet environment…

FUJITSU will present many interesting things (you will learn about the bamboo notebook and other interesting things)…

Autumn holidays in Hluboká, ideal family trip

Still hesitant to make the long journey to us? Keep reading!

On 28.10. the second largest pond in the Czech Republic – Bezdreva near Hluboká nad Vltavou – will be fished. You can combine your autumn trip to Hluboká not only with a tour of the WEDOS Data Centre and the seminars you choose, but also with a tour of the Hluboká Chateau and participation in the ceremonial catching of the Bezdrev pond (with music, sale of live and cooked fish). So it’s a trip for the whole family!

For those who are still hesitant, we can only add that 30 km from Hluboká is Český Krumlov (castle and chateau) and 20 km from Hluboká is the picturesque South Bohemian village of Holašovice. Both monuments are protected by UNESCO. You will surely succeed with this at home, so you can spend your autumn holidays in Hluboká.

What else is there in Hluboká? Beautiful golf course with a view of the castle. Relaxation centre. Sports complex with many sports facilities (including mini-golf, various playgrounds for various ball games), cycling and roller skating trails, fishing on the Vltava River and Hnevkovice Dam. Possibility of a boat trip to Ceske Budejovice…

When? Where? How much?

When: 26.-28.10.2011 – block this date in your calendar now (ATTENTION! The dates are autumn holidays and public holidays! Don’t hesitate and come to Hluboká with your whole family for the autumn holiday. The whole nation will have a holiday. There will be a holiday and a long weekend due to the national holiday. If there is a lot of interest, we will continue the weekend, but without seminars and lectures.)

Where: Hluboká nad Vltavou, České Budějovice district

Admission: the whole event is free for all participants. It will be our pleasure if you visit us and we can meet you.

The programme of lectures together with the timetable will be published later (3.10.2011).

Registration for individual lectures and tours will open at the beginning of October (11.10.2011 at 11:00 – sorry for the postponement). The number of applicants is limited, so keep an eye on our website for the latest information. Registration is available at

Accommodation: we can help you secure discounted accommodation for the whole event, in various price ranges (apartments to five star hotels). We will publish a list of options at Hluboká and their prices on the website.

Transportation: parking for cars will be provided, otherwise you can come by public transport from České Budějovice or by ČSAD buses (both stop about 100 m from us). Alternatively, by train (2 stations – from Pilsen and Prague), but there we have to solve the transport in cooperation with us (the distance is about 2.5 km).
If you are interested, we can help arrange joint trips for multiple people in one vehicle together from different cities across the country.

We expect more ideas

We need to know your opinion and any comments on the event or the event programme. We would certainly welcome comments on the seminars and the topics of the individual seminars. We can add more topics depending on interest. For example, startups are definitely popular now and we are almost one of them 🙂 . We are not an original idea, but we feel like it, and therefore part of the space can be dedicated to the topic of supporting startups.

Let us know what you are interested in, what else you would like to do and what you are most interested in.

A sweet reward at the end of this article

For all honest readers of this article and those interested in web hosting we bring a sweet reward at the end. Until 18.9.2011 you can buy webhosting with 33% discount using the annual discount coupon – DOD2011DAWEDOS. You can send the discount coupon to your friends and acquaintances and it is valid for the whole week we celebrate our first year.