WEDOS is not for sale. We have plans.


Hardly a week goes by without someone asking how to buy WEDOS shares. Every month we get a call from a serious buyer interested in buying the whole WEDOS. Now, as the majority owner, I will explain how it is.

Shares WEDOS Internet, a.s.

In 2012 we tried to do a share subscription and it sold out in a few dozen minutes. We were surprised by the interest in them. Since then, we have been receiving questions about whether it is possible to buy WEDOS shares or whether we will do a similar subscription. I decided to write some information about it (and not only about it).

We are not planning a similar share subscription as in 2012. We do not rule it out in the future, as we may need resources for faster global growth. We know it worked in 2012 and I believe it would work again.

At present, some small shareholders are selling their shares to others, thus reducing the number of shareholders. There are even a few people who will not miss any opportunity to buy more WEDOS shares. This is despite the fact that we do not pay any dividends, because our primary focus is to invest in growth, selling as many services as possible and attracting and retaining as many satisfied customers as possible.

At one time we were considering entering the Prague Stock Exchange, specifically we were interested in their Start program. After meeting with some bankers who were only interested in the commissions they would get from the whole transaction, instead of addressing the story and potential of our company or the end shareholders, we understood that this was not the way to go. We see our shareholders as partners who have supported us. For example, each shareholder has a 20% discount on the renewal of hosting services up to 20% of their shareholding in WEDOS. Shareholders advise us, help us and have some ideas.

We are still a small firm for other markets within securities trading. So for now we don’t deal with it, but maybe that will come one day 😉

Investors and prospective buyers of WEDOS

For several years I have been contacted by various investors or foreign competitors interested in buying the whole of WEDOS. Although I adhere to the motto of never say never, I have so far refused any detailed and personal discussions on this level. And I have been honestly telling everyone from the beginning that WEDOS is not for sale. I’m refusing appointments, and that’s turning off virtually everyone who’s interested. It is true that two recent applicants (both from abroad) are really tireless. One of them compares buying WEDOS to making his dream come true. But I am also fulfilling my dreams at WEDOS and I certainly don’t want to lose them. You can’t put a price on things like that.

I’m not in the company as some kind of passive investor. I’m at the company every day. I am involved in the management, running and direction of the company.

Some investors find some public statements, gather information about the company and offer sometimes very interesting amounts. These are amounts in the tens of millions (meaning in any foreign currency). They see it simply. They want to sell more different services to existing customers. They want to expand the offer. They want to focus on synergies with their existing projects and benefit from that. I understand, of course, that buying WEDOS (an incredible amount of money at first glance – in crowns with up to nine zeros) makes sense to them. The synergy effect with their projects, two datacenters, dozens of reliable employees, over 19% market share… you can’t buy that for a penny.

Various large foreign competitors have come forward. Various investors have come forward. Various investment groups have been approached. Various investment funds have responded. It’s a diverse set of candidates. Someone wants to be a passive investor. Someone wants to leave me a stake in WEDOS so that I can stay on and continue to manage and develop the company. Everyone has different suggestions.

I don’t do WEDOS for the money. I sold one company years ago and I must repeat that money does not bring happiness. It is much more important to do what one enjoys and to do it with joy.

When I sold my previous company, I didn’t have a purpose in life for several years. My wife calls it waiting to die. I see it that way in retrospect, too. Money in the bank won’t make you happier. Yes, you can travel. But you’ll get tired of that eventually. Nowadays, any kind of travel is a punishment for me. I don’t want to wait to die again.

We have an agreement at home that if I sell the company, we’ll divorce. So I always say when I want to get rid of my wife, I’ll sell the company. So far it’s been going well (for the third decade now).

At WEDOS, I do work that I enjoy. I work with people I enjoy working with. We have many plans and goals for the future.

Plans for the future

We have big plans. We want to launch a lot of new services. We are inventing more and more innovations.

This fall, if it works out, the 13th. September, we will open our second datacenter. I have to write that finally. But on the other hand, it’s a unique technology and we can do more on the treadmill next time. Even this week we are starting to deal with the real construction of a third datacenter. We have the land and are now tackling the project and placing our bets on whether it will be up and running next fall 🙂


I’d be a fool to sell a company with such ambitions. No, that’s not really the plan. I write this not only for my own peace of mind, but also to publicly declare that WEDOS will not be sold. This declaration is also a guarantee for our clients and employees.

Josef Grill
Chairman of the Board of Directors of WEDOS Internet, a.s.
majority shareholder of WEDOS Internet, a.s.