WEDOS Disk in full operation


Today we are launching paid versions of our disk space rental service. Prices friendly, disk capacities large.

A week ago we launched a free variant of WEDOS Disk Free for our customers who have a web hosting, VPS or dedicated server with us – they get 5 GB or 10 GB of space for free. This free space will continue to be available for all of these services, this was not just a short term event.

Today we are also launching paid variants:

  • WEDOS Disk 30 GB – 50 CZK per month
  • WEDOS Disk 100 GB – 100 CZK per month
  • WEDOS Disk 1 TB – 300 CZK per month
  • …and then multiples of TB

Prices are without VAT, monthly or yearly invoicing (depending on the variant), 10% surcharge for monthly invoicing.

For a full list of variants, technical parameters, prices and order form, please visit .