We have launched another WEDOS Global location – Germany – Frankfurt.


We last updated you on the expansion of WEDOS Global’s infrastructure in September, when we launched a point in Dublin, Ireland. During October, we completed all the necessary preparations for the launch of the next point, this time in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This is a very important point for us in the future, which is why we have reinforced the hardware from the beginning. Germany is one of the most important crossroads on the European internet map.

The new point is located in the Equinix datacenter, which is one of the best datacenters in the world and one of the few that are able to offer us facilities for so many servers and guarantee connectivity of 100 Gbps with the possibility of further increase.

We sent 2x HPE Moonshot 1500 to Frankfurt, which is a total of 90 physical servers and 4 switches. Then there is the Arista 7280TR-48C6 switch, which brings a wide range of connectivity options with 48 x 10G and 6 x 100G ports for connecting to other networks and IXPs. This gives us the flexibility to expand our connectivity and ensure high availability and performance.

At the same time, we successfully completed the connection to the Equinix Internet Exchange Frankfurt node. It currently has 115 members. On average, they exchange 1.37 Tbps of data per day, with a peak of up to 2.17 Tbps. The largest members include Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Oracle.

What is IXP peering?

Peering is an agreement between two Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that allows their network traffic to pass directly between them without having to go through a third party.

This direct data transfer can increase the speed and reliability of your internet connection, as the data does not have to travel as far or across other different networks. It can also reduce costs, as both parties can avoid fees they might otherwise pay to third parties for data transfer.

Peering usually takes place on the so-called. Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), where many ISPs can link their networks together.

Traffic from Deutche Telekom AG, Vodafone GmbH, Telefonica Germany and other German providers currently flows through this point. So if you have a site with German traffic and you use WEDOS Global Protection with caching enabled, the static content of your site will be returned to them almost instantly. Without caching, there will be faster DNS response and of course a direct path to your hosting server.

Gradual increase in traffic since the launch of the Germany – Frankfurt site.

This site will also help with handling very large-scale attacks against websites in the Czech Republic. It also played a role in the recent attack of 162,000 unique IPs on 143,000 websites and several large-scale attacks on e-commerce sites, which can be seen in the graph.


WEDOS Global’s infrastructure continues to grow and strengthen. Firstly, we are building new points, but we are also connecting to local IXPs, through which we have a direct connection to local providers. We’re fine-tuning the peerage. It’s getting more challenging, because in many European countries some ISPs have us in multiple locations in one hop, so it’s a bit of a hop even where it’s not supposed to go. But we’ll fine-tune that in time.

We are focusing on Europe because we see a great opportunity there. At the beginning of November, we even managed to be among the top 4 DNS providers in Europe according to an independent measurement.