More new servers (and each) with 384 GB of RAM. Yesterday 15 of them arrived = almost 6 TB of RAM. And we already have 40 such servers since May. It shows that you trust us and that you buy from us.

On October 31, 15 new servers from Hewlett Packard arrived. You could watch the whole event on our webcams right in the datacenter from about 10:10 (http://datacentrum.wedos.com/webcam/cam-dc-2.html). At 11:15 the unpacking started.

Last week we received 6 of the same servers and since May we have 40 of them. The total purchase price of these servers exceeds the amount with 7 zeros…

Our growth momentum is clearly visible and we can only confirm that we are clearly growing the fastest in the market.

We have received several inquiries about the servers on social media, and others come to us regularly via the contact form and email. We will try to answer them in this short article. After all, they’re the servers where you keep your data.

FB – private message: Can you tell me how much it costs?

We can’t give the price of one server, but we can tentatively say that the list price will not be far from CZK 700,000 per unit. As a multi-collector, we have different conditions.

FB: SSD in RAID 10.. it must have cost tens of thousands per server.

The servers are RAID 10, which is both the most powerful solution in terms of data read and the most reliable solution in terms of failure. Simply put, every disk has a backup copy. So it’s a combination of RAID 0 and RAID 1, meaning that half of the disks make up one disk together (and thus you get space) and the other half of the disks make a backup copy of all the data (and thus you get data security and also performance, because you read from twice as many disks).

Each new server is equipped with 12 drives, 8 of which are SSDs and each is 800 GB in size. In total, we have positions for 24 discs and we will definitely use them in the future.

The price of such server disks (with performance and especially durability) is several tens of thousands per piece. Multiply that by the number of pieces in the server and you’ll find it costs hundreds of thousands per server. But if we want to be number one and offer the best service, we have no other way.

We could have gone the way of cheap components, cheap drives or we could just put cheap SSDs in the server (for laptops and workstations) or just an SSD cache controller for classic drives. No, we’re going the more expensive route, which brings quality.

FB: Can I ask you a question? VMWARE, Proxmox or modified Quemu?

We use QEMU virtualization or QEMU KVM. We have been using it since the beginning of our business and we are satisfied.

FB: Do you plan to give FREE IPv4 to VPS?

Currently we have an absolute shortage of IPv4 and so we have to be extremely sparing with them. We’ll see in the future…

FB: I know it probably won’t work, but do you want to buy me the car instead of the servers ?

Follow our booths and our social networks and maybe you’ll get a car too… 🙂 Soon.

Mail: are all the branded server components in these servers as well?

Yes, it is a branded server directly from the manufacturer. It’s not a jigsaw puzzle of PC components, but a professional server that has SSDs, 2 powerful XEON processors (20 cores, 40 threads in total), a powerful hardware RAID controller, and other pro components.

There is 384 GB of RAM in the server and the RAM is reserved for customers! It’s never shared.

Colleagues will supply photos of the components.

Mail: performance is fine, but it would like more HDD.

For VPS 100% SSD we added 5 GB of free space some time ago. Soon we will launch SSD Profi and there will be double the space.

More space just means a significant increase in costs.

Mail: what if the board breaks? How quickly can the technicians fix the server at, say, 2 a.m.? How much extra server do you have as a backup?

We are very good at this. We have a spare server available at all times and are therefore able to provide remediation at any time. We always have spare components, we always have spare servers as a whole. In addition, we have everything right in our building and our staff sitting right there 24/7. There could not be a faster service. For maximum security, we have proactive service activated at the supplier (HP), where the manufacturer has information from the servers directly and if a failure is imminent, the manufacturer sends us spare parts in advance…

We don’t wait for spare parts deliveries, we don’t have to go anywhere. We have everything in our building. These are our main advantages.

Mail: do VPS SSDs have a backup?

We sell the VPS 100% SSD as a non-backup option. We have some backup solutions there for our own use, but we don’t want to offer it to clients at the moment.

For the Profi version, backups will be included in the price, including recovery. Now you can take advantage of the fact that the disks are in RAID 10 and you can also back up to WEDOS Disk.

Repeatedly…: Are you not planning to manage VPS?

We’d love to, but we don’t have the people so we can’t offer it. We don’t have enough skilled people to handle the onslaught that would be involved.

Take a look at how we’re growing in terms of VPS SSDs and it will be clear that it’s not that simple.