Virtual servers start 1.11.


No later than Thursday 28.10. we will start the ordering system, so we will start accepting orders for virtual servers. From Monday 1.11. we’ll start getting them up and running.

For pricing and other information, please visit the virtual servers page.

Virtual servers will be sold in packages. 1 package = 15 GB HDD + 512 MB RAM. The price of this package is 100 CZK per month (excluding VAT). It will be possible to choose monthly billing (10% surcharge) and annual billing (no surcharge). Of course, we will guarantee your money back within 7 days if you find that our service is not to your satisfaction. You will be able to try it out without obligation.

During the start-up period, which will last about 14 days, there will be minor changes compared to the target state:

  • service will be set up within 1 working day of payment (later fully automatic within 30 minutes of payment)
  • only some reinstalled operating systems will be available for now – CentOS, openSUSE, Debian (the list will be specified, we will gradually add), later also CentOS with reinstalled Apache, PHP, MySQL and Webmin administration interface
  • customer support will not be by phone for the time being and will not be nonstop (only on working days 7-20), technical supervision is of course nonstop (monitoring of servers, troubleshooting)

VPS can also be ordered without an operating system, you will be able to connect an ISO image of the CD/DVD via KVM and administration interface and perform the installation yourself.

Other parameters will be further specified next week, in particular the price of Windows Server 2008 rental and other additional services.