Christmas at WEDOS and how this year has been a mess

This year everything got pretty messed up for us, as it did for most of us. We had to improvise a lot, adapt to the current situation and overcome many problems. Fortunately, we are no longer a small company, but a successful large hosting company with plenty of financial and material reserves and a great team of people who have gained a lot of experience over the past 10 years and this year it was evident.

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How the construction of our second datacenter is going

We are not afraid to write that our second datacentre will be one of the Czech technological uniquenesses of which we can all be proud. All servers in it will be cooled in an oil bath. This cooling technology is incomparably more economical than air cooling. In addition, it will allow us to move the excess heat to the nearby municipal swimming pool, where we will use it to heat the pool. This way, the bulk of the waste heat is recovered instead of being vented outside.

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We are considering B2B/VIP services

We based WEDOS on services that suit most people, as much automation as possible and the ability to set up everything you need. Thanks to this model, we recently broke the 100,000 active NoLimit web hosts mark. We used to say that we are such a big web hosting factory. We have always claimed that our services can suit 98% of all potential customers. But I’m somewhere different now than I was five years ago, and we’re considering offering B2B/VIP services. Our customers are evolving and growing and we need to respond.

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