Second connectivity provider – Master Internet


After outages of our connectivity supplier – SuperNetwork – we proceeded to a quick operation and during today’s night we arranged, connected and configured a link with Master Internet in Prague.

After the connectivity problem that occurred on 8.11. evening, we could no longer wait for the delivery of the second route from O2 (and thus the launch of the second circuit with an independent connectivity provider). During the night we managed to connect to Master Internet‘s autonomous system in record time. So our network is now advertised to the world (and to NIX and SIX) via SuperNetwork and Master Internet, which means that if one of them goes down, we can go through the other without any problems.

The record speed of the second independent contractor’s implementation (normally such things take a week or more) was possible thanks to the dedication of all involved, i.e. both Master Internet workers (launching the second connectivity, configuration and tests during the night), SuperNetwork (adjustments to the existing configuration during the night), and SITEL workers (laying the second cable route during the night).

The link was implemented by midnight, then it would be measured, set up, started and tested (all between 00:00-4:00). Now we are waiting for the update of the filters of the individual providers and this will complete the whole “operation” and everything will be fully automatic. The interconnection with Master Internet was planned to be implemented after the delivery of the second circuit from Telefonica O2. Circumstances forced us to deal with the situation differently.

So far, however, there is only one route between our datacenter and Prague, leased from Telefónica O2, but fortunately it is still 100% reliable. We have ordered a new second independent 1 Gbps route, unfortunately O2 is dragging it out extremely due to their bureaucracy, it was supposed to be in October at the latest. Hopefully it will be during each day, i.e. by mid-November. This will connect via a second route, further increasing the reliability (and capacity) of the connection. We are already discussing another, completely independent (in terms of its course) route ending in another Prague location, which we would like to realize during the winter. At the same time, we will be addressing the entry into NIX and connecting to two sites there (we are now promoting to NIX both via Master Internet and SuperNetwork).

We apologize to everyone for any inconvenience caused. We will keep you updated on the progress and developments.