Project status and plan for May


Unfortunately, some things have been delayed due to the resolution of things needed for our project to be approved by the building authority. The physical construction is not yet underway, but everything else is in full swing – finding hardware, programming, preparing hosting services, etc.

Some things have been delayed for a few weeks because we took a 3-week vacation for the first time (since we suspect that the opportunity for another vacation won’t be coming anytime soon), and also some things are not going as fast as we imagined. The delay is therefore mainly in the rough construction.

Currently, everything revolves around the approval of our project by the building authority of the town of Hluboká nad Vltavou. Currently, a noise study is being prepared – a solution is being sought on how to place a backup generator and outdoor air conditioning units in the outdoor space to meet strict hygiene standards. At the same time, a structural engineer is finalizing the design of the internal building modifications and another designer is preparing a fire safety solution for the building.

Many other things are being solved independently in parallel – in particular, the search for suitable server solutions is underway, negotiations with potential hardware suppliers are underway (see the tender), programmers are working intensively on the necessary information, ordering and control systems, the offer of hosting services is being fine-tuned and much more. At first glance, it may seem that nothing is happening, but at least 3 people are dealing with this project full time.

What awaits us in May

  • building permit solution – noise study, fire safety solution
  • Completion of the internal building improvement project
  • start of construction works
  • start of work on new wiring of the entire building
  • negotiations with manufacturers and hardware suppliers, searching for suitable solutions
  • Continuing to develop software systems
  • tenders for other systems – mailservers, etc.