Plan for July


Some things have been delayed due to many factors, but we still see the launch of at least some services in September as realistic. What’s in store for us in July?

At the end of June we became the owners of the building we bought from Telefonica O2. Also, part of the wiring was redone so that everything on the ground floor could be leveled.

We’re scheduled for July:

  • announcement of the winners of most tenders
  • binding ordering of most technologies – generator, UPS, air conditioning, SHZ and maybe more
  • eviction of the remaining tenants (warehouses)
  • clearing out the entire ground floor, dismantling all the old switchboards, air conditioning, heating, etc.
  • demolition of all partitions on the ground floor
  • cutting holes in concrete walls to create new passages or widen existing ones
  • cleaning of the entire area
  • laying of concrete floors, concrete maturation
  • installation of double floors
  • installation of SHZ distribution systems
  • completion of the electrical distribution project

In the meantime, our programmers are waiting:

  • automation of hosting and virtual servers
  • work on our and customer interfaces
  • connecting to domain registries
  • preparation of site graphics with offer of hosting services
  • …and much more

We have also arranged for several manufacturers/suppliers to loan us various hardware, which we will test in detail and gradually bring you reviews on this website.